The Prince

The way that I see it, my mom may not be married to him but there really isn't much of a difference anyways. she said that she would marry him except that doing so would cut off her social security benefits which her prince charming also lives off of since he is too lazy to get a job. He eats a ton of the food stamps up and if he ever does manage to bring home food from a restruant, he almost NEVER shares. Some times he'll even eat the stuff that i get from my boyfriend even when its taped shut and labeled, "do not eat".

And then my mom tells me that I need to get a job and when I ask her why HE isn't working she'll just get pissy and say that she doesn't want to upset him or that there aren't any jobs available. I just sit there and ask myself how her logic works and how there aren't any jobs out there for a physically capable 35 year old man but there ARE jobs available to a 17 year old kid who got fired from her last job because she was depressed from her mom ALWAYS putting his needs above her own child's.

He also lies all of the time more and more now. He has now moved to lying to her right in front of me because he knows now that i cant do anything about it since my mom NEVER ever believes me. He gives me death glares when ever I walk into the room and I've tried to tell other people but it sounds so harmless...i dont know if anyone out there knows what i mean by a step father death glare but it is quite threatening. Sometimes I wonder if he really would hurt me. I know that he has anger problems. He lived with us before for a while when I ha s 9 but my mom kicked him out becuase he was acting crazy. I still dont know why she would bring him back for that reason but she doesn;t seem to care about my well being as much as she does about being alone.

I've told her beofre that it REALLY bothers me but she doesn't do anything about it. Lately I just come home from school and go straight to my room. No one checks on me no matter what happens or if I bang stuff around. Some times I wish she would come to my room to check on me when i start to thow things, atleast so that she could yell at me so that I knew she cared. I cry every single night and I feel like a baby. I hate living with my mom's boyfriend who acts like he is 14 years old. And I found out recently that after I graduate and I dont receive social security benefits anymore, I'll have to pay half of the rent- in other words, I will be paying for that jack *** to live with us. The alternative is that I say I'm moving out, and then I'll have to pay full rent at another apartment and hope nothing goes wrong becuase my mom would move all the way across the country with him to go live with his mom. I'm starting to think that's my only option.He now hits my ******* cat for christs sake. When will he start hitting me. Or my mom.

I can't stay here though. I can't stand the drinking or the beer bottles that he literally leaves all over the floor. He ****** me off so much sometimes that I feel like I'm going to kill him. It would be really nice to know that I'm not alone and that I'm not being a baby about this.

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I'm sorry honey. I really try to keep up with what he eats. Hopefully she'll dump hi a** and we won't have to deal with him anymore.