I Can See Where My Step-brother Gets It.

Right my mum & dad never married so I'm a mistake bla bla bla. Anyway just over a year ago my mum got married to Steve who moved in with us. He has three kids, sara whos now at college, derrik who's 16 & his favourite hobby is beating the crap out of me & maddie who's 10. Whatever. Anyway I'm 15 & Steve hates me. He yells at me all the time. If I do bad in school he yells at me & says I'm stupid & I'll never do anything with my life. If I do well in school he yells & calls me a pathetic nerd. I've stopped bringing friends over coz of him. He's recently started to beat me up. I ran away & came back three days later coz of maddie. Turns out he took them all camping while I was gone. He yelled at my girlfriend coz she saw him punch me. In short - He's an a**hole.
Whatever. The Internet is awsome for a good rant.
rosslaylor rosslaylor
Aug 2, 2010