Another Sd Story

I am 39 and my boyfriend is 53. We have been dated three years, living together for two. My boyfriend (HR) has four children. The oldest, 23, lives out of state, and, though we really know each other well, we get along fine. In town is his 20 yr old daughter, who lives with her grandmother, and his 19 yr old son and 16 yr old daughter, both of whom live with their mother. I have a 15 yr old son who lives with me. The only one who has ever been a problem is the 23yr old. 8 months after HR and I started dating, I helped her with the purchase of a vehicle. Basically, I paid cash for it and allowed SD to make monthly payments and did not charge interest or complain when she only made half the payment. I paid for her plates at time of purchase and both times they were due to be renewed. I paid for her insurance for the first year she had the car. Many times she asked that I talk to her dad because "he doesn't understand".  I took her shopping, out to eat, gave her gas money, and paid for her to go on vacation with us so she could see her brother (the main purpose for the trip, though, was so I could visit my grandfather and my dying grandmother). I thought everything was fine. Then the truth came out! I found out that on several occassions, she commented that I should mind my own business and she doesn't care what I think. When we were on vacation, she did not hestitate to let me know that she was bored and "this vacation sucks." She also started an arguement with my 15 yr old son (who is diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger's), and smacked him in the face when he called her a b****. During this incident I told her we don't hit each other, and if she ever put her hands on any of us again, I would have her arrested. (remember: she's 20) When we got back to town, HR and I announced we would be selling my house (in which we were living) and moving into HR's vacant, and paid for, house (in his mom's name). Not to mention, I already own properties on both sides and behind his. How could the move not make sense? The tension was growing. SHE has had several outbursts, told her dad to f-off more than once. Most recently, at a family cook-out, the dog would not stop begging for food. HR told the dog to go lay down at least 10 times, finally having to smack her on her hind end before she'd listen. SD screamed at her dad, wanting to know what the F*** his problem is. I told SD watch how she spoke to her father. She replied back that I need to shut the f up and mind my own busy. She then remarked that my name isn't on anything here and what I say doesn't matter. Her dad told her to leave and she refused. She bellowed, "This is grandma's house, we'll see who has to leave." HR yelled at her again, telling her to leave and not come back. After sitting in the drive way pouting for about 20 minutes, she left. This was all before father's day. On Independence Day, we had another family cook-out. She, uninvited, showed up and talked to her brother and sister for about half an hour and then left, not speaking to me or HR at all. Several times during the last week, I saw her drive past the house  - and it's not on the way to anywhere. We are one of four houses on a dead-end road. What have I learned? SD is an ungreatful, munipulative b**** who thinks the world revolves her. Well guess what - it doesn't! Furthermore, I'd rather be hated for being honest than loved for kissing a**. OH, and another thing. Grandma is signing the house over to Dad and me as soon as the wedding papers are signed.

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OH- I might run away as far as possible unless you must have him. Do not put a single thing into joint ownership with him would be my thought.

I'm with you- agree. The girl is a "B". Does she work some where now?