Step-daughter Has Gone Too Far

My husband and I have been married 3 almost 4 years now, My step-daughter, the only girl, is a nightmare (from the beginning) At 15, She had a 19 year old BF, and ran away if she was told no.
At 16, the boy moves in, (ofcourse I said no) she gets pregnant , says she is ready to have a baby.
At 17, Amber lives with BF and their child about 2 hours away. Amber wants daddy to move in with them, she needs help around the house.( mom had re-married when kids were small and moved to las vegas)
Everytime Amber and Bf get in a fight, daddy runs to her, and gone for days! A spat over the BF leaving with his buddies and she is alone.The boy is 21 now. Ive had it! I now tell my husband do not come back! He has left many times for 2 days at a time and spending every dime he has! and then convinced me he will let her deal with her choices and not leave again. She is constantly calling and making threats she will have him put in jail for abandoning her, every time she calls its a fight between us now. She leaves messages saying Daddy has to get diapers and she doesnt like the apartment complex she lives in. She says he lies to ME all the time and I should leave him. Then tells daddy Im no good for him.

I am to the point if he even answers the phone, he can leave! Daddy says, he could control her and have a relationship with her but it I will get mad! He is right about the mad part, but, control her? A little late for that. She stops at nothing to get her way. WTH, is that a guilt trip? I should let him come and go, ignore all of it? He will say hes going to the store and ends up he has at her apartment! What is the laws anyway on 17 year old on her own? She has a BF and a baby for gosh sakes! Is it BS when he says he HAS to take care of her? He uses an excuse he is her only parent, she feels abandoned. Fine, but she is not being a daughter either, or asking for what is expected of him. She calls him nasty names the minute he says no. I think until, if ever she grows up...he needs to walk away. OR he can choose to live for what makes her happy! I am done!

WTH !!!!!!
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leave the stupid basturd.

Get a divorce! Be done with the bullshit