House Of Lies

I do want the people to know in the world that there's such a thing in Hate your step children. I'm a mother of two and I honestly never hated a child in my life until now.When things first started off,I was dating their father and I understood why they didn't want me in the fathers life because they wanted their mother to be with their father.I understood,that the father has been in different relationships with women that the women were mean to them,or so I was told..The mother didn't want to have anything to do with them and the killing part about the whole thing is that they knew it..Come visitation time theres always was an excuse not to get them,she had her life and on kid was going to stop her life.I saw how she was doing them and I felt for them,and loved them as my own.One day they came up with the idea of calling me mom,I'm like OMG that was a big title with it being so early to be calling me mom.The only thing I wanted to be in their lives was a positive influence in their life and how they should handle themselves.The reason why I did that was because they only have one mom and I didn't want to take that from her..MY GOD,I'm crying as we speak because all of this is just so emotion,it's hurtful! Over time I grew more and more in love with them because I know what it feels like to be rejected.It happened to me growing up,but I overcame it! From elementary school up to high school I've been there in their lives,where's the mother-nowhere! SO, the kids are grown,we never had a problem,no arguements or nothing.Here comes MOM,didn't have anything to do with them,didn't send money or nothing! I gave up everything for them,the mother gave up on them for everything.The mother had them to lie on me and the father to the courts saying that we abused them,remember thats how he ended up with the both of them because the mother let someone sexually abuse them.The only reason why she want them back was because she didn't want to pay child support and didn't pay the whole time we had them.OK,mind you there are four kids in the house and my kids are the youngest the ages ranges 19,17,15&11 as long as we had the kids he waits 6monthes until you're 18 yrs,old to start touching you,didn't touch no one else-really.I'm here 24/7 96% of the time all the kids are with me,the 4% they're at school.Dad is working and doing it all to make them all happy,but as soon as he tell you to wait til he comes back you mad! she didn't know that his twin brother had a heartattack,so she runsaway and go back to the person that didn't even think enough of you to even send you to school !
SmallRogers SmallRogers
36-40, F
Dec 4, 2012