Shes Driving Me Crazy

my step daughter is 7years old, although she is only young she is still old enough 2 know better when it comes 2 some things!

when i first met her i thought she was really cute, she was shy and didnt really speak very much. one day me and my partner decided to take her to the zoo, this is when i started to see a different side to her, she through to tantrams while we were there, one was because a lion started roughing and the other was because she didnt want to see one particular animal that we wanted to see! i've never scene anything like it, she through herself on the floor, screaming and crying and kicking my partner. i was horrifide as i've got a big portion of younger people her age in my family and i've never scene anything like that.

graduarly the day trips became less and less, i was to embarrest to go out with her anymore and to be honest i detested being around her, then i felt pregnant, i was over the moon and so was my partner, even bethany seemed happy bout it but as soon as my new daughter was born she changed her attitude, she started speaking like a little baby, i couldnt even complement my daughter on how beautiful she was because bethany got so jellous, my daugher one day scratched her by accident so she did it back, i went mad but knowone did anything about it, she didnt get punnished or anything, shes a horrible child, there are so many parts that i havent put into this story because theres so many examples to give, maybe i seem petty to some poeple but i cant help hating her and wishing it was just me my partner and our little girl.


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My stepdaughter is only 4, but she's the same way. When I have people over, whether she knows them or not, she looks at them with horror in her eyes, like they beat her, and then goes in her room and cries for her mother the rest of the time she's with us. Her tantrums I'm sure are because of her age, but I know that they won't stop, they just get worse the more we have her, and since the birth of our son in July. It's terrible, but just picking her up on Fridays, she gets in the car and this ball of angry starts to grow inside of me. And my husband treats her better than my daughter and our son, if my son and her are alone together and he starts crying I get yelled at for disciplining her, but if my daughter and son are alone together, and he starts crying my husband spanks my daughter and sends her to her room. And I was lashed out at at for even saying that he treats his daughter better they said because I'm jealous and want my kids to be treated better, it's not true. I want them all treated the same. And although she's only four, my daughter is two and she is smarter than my daughter, and should act it, but instead starts fights with her like they're the same age. I'm not looking forward to nine and eleven. They're going to be terrible ages.

well I dont blame u for what u are feeling. i thought I only thought things like that. I to am a stepmom to an 11yr old girl and she is pure evil! She does anything to **** me off and I cant take it anymore and Im thinking about leaving my husband because of it..

I feel you. I can't stand my stepdaughter who is 9 years old. I consider myself a nice person and feel shameful when it comes to her because of it. She's annoying, very spoiled, and has no manners whatsoever. I could blame the parents (half of being my husband) and I do...but its still hard.