I can't do this anymore....I don't hate her but I can't take her behavior and more so the fact nobody will help her/do anything about it. Sometimes it's fine but about fifty per cent of the time she screams when I go near her and tells me she hates me. Funny thing is for the first six months I was I her life she was nothing like this...she was warm and friendly always wanted cuddles and to be near me.
She is nearly four but gets treated like a two year old. Also she very often tells people I hit her, kick her did all sorts of things. Another thing is the swearing, which again no one will do anything about. To me there's nothing worse than a foul mouthed little girl, my mother would have washed my mouth out with soap!
My boyfriend gives her no rules or structure, she won't sleep through the night in her own bed...obviously because she's never had to, all she has to do is yell and she's in our bed. She poops her pants everyday and it's treated as normal she does it laughing also and thinks its funny.
I can't cope, anything I suggest he and his parents won't take in board, and she basically has the run of things. They justify this with her mother having mental problems and being too strict with her ...it's a 50/50 set up although she's prob with us more.
I feel like a bad person fir feeling like this, a lot if the time I'd honestly live to smack her!! She even spat in my face and he did nothing. I'd like to have a family of my own also, but I honestly can't see it in this situation and I don't know I could put my own child into it.
My boyfriend is a great guy, but he just won't discipline...he wants me to look after her but I'm never going to get any respect and I can't see it getting any better. Reading other peoples posts makes me think it's time to jump ship :(
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I love my husband but the one thing we fight about all the time is his daughter. he says he'll get better with the disciple but it doesn't really and he says he'll be better about a lot of other things with her, but the guilt of his daughter's situation always gets to him and he gives into her. It never gets better and I'm hated more each day. RUN!!!! I was too in love to run away, but if you can please do. The only days I'm happy are when my stepdaughter is at her mom's.

I would definitely jump ship if you're not married to him yet. It is only going to get worse. He's ALWAYS going to choose her over you, right or wrong. If she treats you this way now, wait til she's a teen. Run don't walk. I've been doing it 12+ years. It has been the same since 6 months after we started dating. I wouldn't have married him if I hadn't had children too. It would have never worked. Find someone without kids. You will be much happier. Good Luck.

Thank you I think you are completely correct....as much as I love him I have to think of me. I am at an age to be thinking of having my own family, and I cant start one in this situation. Between his daughter and his crazy ex it has nightmare written all over it!