I Don't Care Anymore

Seriously, If my "stepdad" (technically my mom's boyfriend but whatever..) died tomorrow I wouldn't care. This might make me sound like a terrible person, but he doesn't give a **** about me either unless he wants to brag to all his friends how his "stepson" is doing so well in school. I'm stuck at my mom's place for the summer and every time I walk past my "stepdad", he always whispers or mutters something under his breath. I seriously close to calling him out on this passive aggressive bullshit the next time he does this. He had no problem speaking up when I was younger. For example, back when I was like 6 or 7, somehow the "family dinner" turned into an argument concerning my real dad. My stepdad was talking about how my real dad doesn't really love me and doesn't care about me. For some reason, those words hurt and they still do now when I think about what happened back then. I don't want to say that he verbally abused me or anything, but....it just hurts and he has said other things to me to make me feel like crap in the past. I'm just tired of his bullshit and I don't care about bitting my tongue and being respectful. Honestly, he didn't really raise me at all, but he expects me to show him respect...
Quise Quise
18-21, M
Jul 11, 2010