My Mom Always Chooses Her Husband Over Me.

I'm 17. When i was 9, my mom met her current husband. I was young and so I didnt really have a problem with it, but i saw the way he treated my brother and sister. He hated them because he wasnt able to control them... My sister was the first to leave at 16, then my brother at 16 and I first moved out when i was 15, but i actually wanted to leave when i was 13.. I moved back in and now im leaving again soon.. My moms husband is very verbally abusive . They argue all the time about the stupidest things and I hate the way she forgives him like its no big deal. My brother, sister and I all moved out because of him. I came back because I miss my mom and now things are bad again here. My mom said she doesn't want me to feel like I'm being kicked out, but yet she's just letting me leave again and staying with her **** of a husband. He put me through 2 months of depression and i cried myself to sleep every night and just wanted to kill myself . she did nothing but take me to a therapist once after over a month if me being that way... he put me through it again last year.....She says if nothing changes, she'll leave but she's put up with it for about 7 years. He flat out told her hes not going to change.. Now I have to move out to see if their marriage can still work... And it makes me feel like if they stop having to argue about how I feel, she's going to let it go and stay... So we all have to leave to make their marriage easier? I don't wan my mom to be unhappy, but I don't want to leave her with him to be treated badly some more ... I wish she'd leave with me.. If she doesn't, she probably will end up staying. It's really hard to even think of leaving her again.
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I'm sorry you're having to go through this. I hope she leaves with you.