Well it all started in 2011-12 when he moved in my house and ever since then, it's been hell. He would lie to my mom all the time and yell at us for nothing. I would spend weeks at my grandmom's house and as soon as i came back, He would yell at me for messing up the house before i could put my things down. They weren't even married yet. I then got diagnosed with depression because of the way he made me feel, he brainwashed my mom into mistreating me too. I had to lie to her and tell her I was bullied in school, she then home schooled me. But really is was that i couldnt be happy at home, but then i was stuck at home with him ALL day. Since a day after the wedding day he made a dating website account. I hacked into his page and found out he had met with 6 of the girls on his list. It pissed me off so much! He abuses my mom too. Last month he beat on her and then he threatened to beat me up too. I called the police and he moved out. But then came back the week after. Ever since then i havent stepped foot in my house.
Therewaspieinthefridge Therewaspieinthefridge
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Sounds like a whole lotta suckage, Pie. My sympathies. Should you feel like chatting with another stepdad (why would you?), I'm available here and on Yahoo Messenger, same user ID. Be well.