I'm Seriously Considering Divorce...

I absolutely cannot ******* stand my demon child from hell SD7. I have never had this kind of reaction to ANYONE in my life, let alone a child. It's really validating to see so many other SMOMS going through the same thing. For the longest time, I thought I was the crazy one. My dilemma is that she lives with us full time and always has. In the beginning her idiot BM took her on the weekends, so I got some kind of break. She has been MIA for almost two years now. The kid loves me and I hate it. I hate it because she doesn't actually love me or anything about me. She is just so desperate for a mother that no matter how many times I tell her that I am not, nor will I EVER be her mother, she doesn't want to accept it. My husband and I have a six month old boy together, and I never thought I could actually divorce him and seperate our family, but it will not be a healthy house hold to live in if she lives with us any longer. I don't have any other options at this point. He has made it clear that if he has to choose between us, he HAS to choose her because she doesn't have anyone else. I'm to the point where I am willing to walk away and let him enjoy his life with her and her alone. If we do get a divorce, I know he will end up resenting her for it and a part of me is happy about it. She is the spawn of satan, and I hate entitled, self-important little ***** like her. She is seven going on three. She cannot do anything without acting like a helpless little turd. She smells because she refuses to bathe or wipe her own ***. She looks just like her idiot mother and I find myself resenting the fact that she was even born. I am in a very unhealthy mental place because of all the **** I have to go through on a daily basis. I just want to be a mom to my son. I want her out of my damn house, and I mean now. The only keeping me in this marriage is my son. All I know is that if we do get divorced, I will NEVER marry again, because I don't want anyone to go through what I have gone through. Unless you are step-parent, you simply cannot understand at all.
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I am a stepmother and I have two of my own biological children. I cannot believe that soneone would be so mean towards a poor 7 year old child. My stepdaughter is 7 and I cannot imagine telling her that I will never be her mother. You need to grow up and realize that your son's sister needs you. She needs to feel love, her mother abandoned her! You treat her like crap and she has no one to turn to. I admit that being a stepmom has its challenges, but when my husband and I fight, my stepdaughter is my saving grace, she is the reason why I would never leave my husband. I would never hurt her like that. She has a mother that is a loser and only sees her once in a while, and I allow her to love me like a mom. I respect her and treat her like my own child. You sound like you need some serious counseling.

That child is damaged... Cant you see that? Do you think that that child should just fix herself? You have an opportunity here to really make a difference and help that child. Yes she is spoiled, yes she is a brat, well big surprise, her mother abandoned her! Hug her, tell her you love her and tell her some things are going to change and do your job as an adult and teach and mentor her!

I feel your pain and totally agree with you!! It is so difficult being a step-parent!! If I get a divorce, it will be because of his daughter and I will never remarry a man with any children!! It is a personal hell for the step-mom due to manipulation of the husbands kids. They will always come first and when they turn into adults, I am seeing the manipulation just doesn't end!!