Here I go again. SD called this week and told her dad that she is going to break up with her felony fiancé of three years in November. They are staying together until the rental lease is up. She is now 26 years old and a LVN, (got her LPN training at a vocational school), and she wants to know if daddy can help her out. She is working and going to school to get her RN. She needs a cosigner for a second school loan. Luckily for me, my husband's credit is still so bad from his first marriage that they won't accept him as cosigner. Thank God for that. So now he is just going to give the stupid twit money when she needs it. He can't get a second loan on my house, I bought it six years before I met him, without my signature.
She is in a more expensive college because she didn't want to wait and this one let her in right away. But we are going to be helping her out.
So mad about this.
After she graduates she plans on moving to our state do she can be close to her daddy. And my husband wants her there too.
SD and I don't get along in the same house for a weekend, let alone seeing her every week or more while she visits daddy.
Her last visit on mothers day was just so she could see her friend graduate and use us as a hotel. She only thinks of herself and never considers anyone else's feelings or how she treats them. I told I didn't want to be used as a hotel and the next time she comes out for an event, or to see a friend, she will be staying in a hotel. Part of the reason I was so mad was because she did this to us before when she wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby and because I went through a lot of trouble buying food she likes, fixing her dinner and bought some movies for us all to watch and spend some family time together. After making dinner for her and her fiancé, they didn't even show up. They stayed out fishing all day. No phone call or anything. Not an "I'm sorry I missed dinner. "

I got a "I'm sorry you feel that way. " though. She took no responsibility for her rudeness and using us.
I told my husband I will never buy food or prepare dinner again for her.

I have a six bedroom house and I will change every room into a room for my cats so there are no guest bedrooms.
She wrote me after all this and told me I burned the bridges and then unfriended me on Facebook. Her little slap in the face.
An event like this has happened frequently over the past seven years. I have forgiven her over and over, and put up with her manipulating her dad. That was the final straw for me.

Ladies, my husband is 64, I am 57, my SD is 26, let me tell you it does not get better only a different level of game playing by the SD.
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