My Skids Are A Waste Of Space And Time

These spoiled little ***** come over whenever they want demanding treats and games etc and if they dont get it they just leave without saying goodbye. Its my stepdaughter and her brother not my partners biological child. My stepdaughter is manipulative and disrespectful and i sometimes just want to wipe the smug look off her ******* face. I have five kids of my own who are no angels but i am working on their behaviour. I hate being hard on my kids to raise them to be the wonderful people they will be and for these unruly scum kids to be in my home behaving the way they do and get away with it. I dont want them in my life. Ive told my partner id rather lose him than pit up with them yet he wont leave but wont let go of his mistake either. Hating my life because of this and dont know what to do next.
Mommy2five Mommy2five
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

There is nothing you can do and no matter how much he loves you the little monsters will always come first. The next time this happens, start to pack your tithings and go stay at a relatives place. See if he stops you, if not then dont turn back. I have been working very hard on retraining my husband when it comes to disciplining his 17yr old tattooed/pierced up spoiled brat. Its a lot of work.

I hear ya