Transgender/transsexual Step-daughter

Let me start by saying I don't hate my stepdaughter, I just dislike her as a person.

As registered nurse not much phases me about people... I feel that as long as your beliefs do NOT intrude into my life and as long as you do not attempt to force me to believe in your ideologies I don't have a problem with you. Besides - what you do in your own home is your business, as long as it's involving consenting adults.

When my husband and I met, he made me aware that he had a senior high school daughter that was conflicted about her sexuality and felt she was a lesbian. Okay... as long as she behaves appropriately in public and in front of my children I'm supportive. That support went quickly out the door when she decided to make out with another girl in front of children and all respect went out the door when a guest (my relative) walked in on her on my wedding day fingering a girl in the bathroom...

Five years have gone by and she is no longer a lesbian, but a transgender/transsexual individual (I don't care what you want to call it... you have female organs and are attracted to females, you're a lesbian - END OF DISCUSSION).

My problem... my husband and I have a son together (he will be 1 year this year). I do not want my husband's daughter involved in my son's life and yes it's because of her psychological dysfunction (if it's in the DSM-V it's a psychological dysfunction). I have expressed this to my husband multiple times, but it seems that he continues to ignore me. Against my will I visited his family with my son when we first arrived from a return tour from overseas... I allowed her to hold him, but was completely against picture taking - but they did it anyways.

My husband put me through hell while i was pregnant claiming that I was not pregnant with his child due my MIL insisting my husband could not conceive children (yeah drama). Any ways... my SD wants to lay claim to my son as her brother and wants to be involved (i.e. visits). I am at odds... I do NOT want her involved in my sons life and I feel that my husband is dancing around the subject to protect his mother's and daughter's feelings.

Should I write her and let her know to stay away or should I consider legal steps? Anyone else in a similar situation ? How did you deal with it ? How did you explain to your children that someone no longer wants to be a female ?

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You are a freak show.

I agree with you. I'd write her and tell her she's not allowed to see my child. No one pressures me into doing anything. You COULD do legal steps, but it might get in the way of your husband.

And if your husband doesn't agree, well too bad. That's not YOUR kid to take care of (it's not yours biologically).

On this issue, I won't budge.

The lack of compassion and empathy is marked in every response to this story. Why all the name calling?

A person does not need to except someone else's lifestyle simply because of marital relation, especially when their values are different. The writer does not need help, nor is she worse than Cindarella's step-mother... hate responses only show your immaturity level and that your values and morals are different.

The site specifically states "respond with authenticity, SUPPORT, and RESPECT. If you have nothing nice to say or productive then keep your childish comments to yourself.

I commend this parent for her bravery... besides the last I checked chromosomes determine sex. XX is a female you cannot argue that, its science. Therefore the person is a sister, not a brother. As far as removing the dysfunction out of the DSM... profit and greed, profit and greed.

CommonSense to me.

Chromosomes do not always determine sex as clearly as you would think.
The simplest example here is that for you, she's a man :

The 23rd strand determines sex. There are a few complications that can happen with it, but even then you can tell what they are supposed to be. For instance, XXY can only happen to people that are supposed to be traditionally male.

So, in essence, they are male (and are supposed to be). That additional X has given them effeminate features.

I'm ok with it but I find it to be too simple. What with intersexed and hermaphrodite people ?

As I said, it would be what their DNA stated...not what they self-identify/were raised as.

I'm wholly ignorant to the plights of these people because I don't suffer from anything that they do (along the lines of this). But I find people simply going along with what others self-identify as to be a bit unrealistic.

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WOW it sounds like YOU need help.

God hates u transgenders, ****, and lesboes

God also hates judgement and intolerance.

Explain how God would hate me for something that is not my decision or my fault.

Legal suit

The new DSM has eliminated gender dysphoria as a psychological dysfunction in the newest edition.

I feel like that's a mistake, especially with hormones being the possible problem (especially when I've been told this by some).

Your rude it IS her brother if you're married to her dad and he's the father and she does NOT have a dysfunction love her or get out your a ***** when did you decide to become straight?....exactly

First grade.

It is a dysfunction. It's NOT normal. To be born with a miswiring of brain neurons is NOT normal.

Grow up.