I Hate My Step-daughter

I've been with my current partner since turning 19 (I'm 26 now) After a year into our relationship I decided to move in with my partner and his 4 children. 3 sons and 1 daughter. After I moved in my stepdaughter has been making my life a living hell. She's done everything from stealing from me, hitting me, spitting at me and today she went too far after i took her phone from her for being abusive. She screamed the house down, assaulted my partner and myself then run out of the house and called the police claiming I strangled her.
She's 14 now and because of her evil behaviour, social services are being contacted. She admitted to the police she's being nasty because she's going to destroy my life and the police backed her up.
I absolutely hate the spiteful ***** after everything she's ever had/got. Her mother left 10 years ago and never contacted the children since.
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I know how u feel. I been with my husband for 14 yrs and been around his daughter since. She is 16 now and she has not change she pull the same stunts and then some. My question is how long do you put up with this crap. I love my husband but its getting to the point that it doesnt matter. So the only thing i can tell you is i understand how you feel and dont feel guilty about it.

Omg you have to put her in a boot camp or something that would scare her straight she has to go some were that they dont put up with her crap for a long time

It sounds as if she is acting out because of the Mother issue. The child needs counseling and it might be a good idea to have a back up plan if the violence keeps going. Even at 14 a child that assaults a family memebr is domestic violence.
You don't say anything of how the partner treats/disciplines her. If they are not being the parent then they need to start ASAP! My SD is defiant with her mother and when she gets in a "mood" there is no reasoning with the child. Totally out of control so her mom called the cops on her. Made them take her away. Because of her actions they took her to a mental ward. (she was 11 at the time too) That's when she came to live with us but she hasn't changed. The only difference is her dad is a big, loud guy. Louder than her and it shuts her up...for a minute. Then all hell breaks loose again.

And try not to us hurtful words..

wow ....all i can say is pray about and try to communicate with her i under that she is being disrespectful and ots heard but i think she is acting this way maybe because her mother lift n she fill like ur táking her mom place.try this talk to her to learn somethink about her and maybe she will open up to up just some ideals...