I friended one of my SD's friends from her old school on Facebook today. He's a great kid, and I always wished he and his friends would rub off on my SD. He's that awesome.

He mentioned in an IM conversation that my SD told him all the time how mean I was. So, I laid it all out for him: All the lies, all the laziness, all the stealing, and the drinking. Using my house as a tattoo parlor and bar for her friends. The way she acted at home and her filthy habits. The fact she wasn't doing her school work in the advanced program I was sacrificing for her to be in (that she asked to be in), how she almost ended up in summer school, and all the ways she wasn't being responsible. The amount of money I was giving her, and how she couldn't be bothered to load the dishwasher or pick up her piles of snotty tissues or used feminine hygiene products.

He had only heard her complaints, and not what she'd done to get the reaction she did. Of course she was going to present things that way so she could play victim. He was pretty shocked.

I should feel bad, but I don't. I should be worried he's going to tell their friends, but I'm not. All in all, I'm actually happy to share information about the person she really was. I realize he's more mature than most, but it was good to hear a kid his age say he saw why I was upset with her.
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You go mae mae. We taking these step brats down one by one. Lol.

:) yes ma'am Ms. Savannah!