Step-daughter Hell

Im so glad I found this sight, I knew I was not alone but did not know the "proper"way to reach out. My husbands 16 year old daughter moved in with us when she was 12, just turned 12. Up until then she had lived with her mother and step father, she had us snowed from the beginning with stories of how horrible her life was with her Mom, the typical after school special ****. We decided to bring her into our home with my then 3 year old, when she moved in her own mother told me to be aware that she was a liar, a theif, and most of all not very smart so not to expect much from her", at the time I thought she was a monster, how could she say that about her child. Now after 4 years I get it, this girl is a walking talking nightmare, I pray for the day she turns 18 and know without a doubt she will not move out, if she could she would stay with us forever because she too damn dumb to move on. I hate this kid and want her out of my life, we are having a new baby in 4 weeks and it sickens me to think of her touching my new child...

I have gone through all the emotions of what Im saying and lets just be honest. I hate this girl and wish her mother would take her back but she wont, she told us that last year. In fact she has not spoken to her Mom in almost 3 years, ITS HER MOMS CHOICE NOT TO TALK, she says that she wore her out.

She is wearing me but not breaking me.

Im so glad i was able to say this!

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1 Response Mar 9, 2009

I feel your pain and I feel the same way about mine. She is 18 now and I thought I would finally have freedom from the hell. Nope. She is going to college and staying here. I dont have the strength to tell my whole story right now. Just want you to know that I feel for you. I feel exactly the same way. I wish you the strength to keep your sanity.