I Pretend My Step Dogtaughter Doesn't Exist

I made my husband choose. Me and our kids or his illigitamate one night stand bastardly teen mistake. He chose us. I have heard too many horror stories and I realized that I want nothing to do with this gross bastard. She sings a fart song to pass the time. She's never welcome in my home nor my life. My life is his life. It's really best to keep her away because I'm sure I'd mistreat her. I don't have to love his mistake.

HisLovingWife HisLovingWife
5 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I don't blame u, I wish my step daughter didn't exist, so I pretend she doesn't, I look threw her like shes not even there, she looks like her ugly fat *** mother, when she walks into the same room as me I cringe, I don't like for her to speak to me or anything, she always wants attention from her dad but its mainly when him and I are doing something together, I wish her ugly *** mom would hurry up n get out of prison and take her so I can start my own family without her, hell ill even pay the retarded ***** child support, I agree, I don't have to love his mistake, the little mistake can just stay n her room n stay away from me because I'm not her mother and do not want to be and I honestly wish she didn't exist.

Maybe one day your one no-good, louse of a husband will finally regret how he turned his back on an innocent child he helped bring into this world.

Nailsxtack, i dont think she ever asked for your sympathy. Unless u have been in this situation u dont knw how difficult it is to open ur door to a child that makes horrible lies has no mannors and gets away with murder. And u can do nothing but watch her ruin ur children bc u cannot whoop her *** bc she will lie. I knw exactly where hisloving wife is coming from. Good for u girl get it off ur chest.

I LOVE IT!!!! I often remind my husband that he was simply a ***** receptacle when he knocked-up his ex-wife during a random sexual encounter that should have never happened! I've also suggested that that was the one time he should have kept it in his pants.... Our life would be so much easier without the noxious outcome that came of the nightmare!

Wow so nice to see a place to vent! It never gets any easier or better, take it from me. Things are getting so bad with DH and his divided loyalties. I had a dream sd was killed and everything was finally peaceful and back to normal with our family. As bad as that sounds trust me you are not alone. I hate my SD. I keep wondering why I feel this way. I was ashamed of my feelings, but they are my feelings none the less.