I have a stepmom who wants to sue my dad because of our wrongdoings towards her and her kids.
We never did anything bad to her and her family. But she's using us(my siblings and I) as a reason to sue my dad and get a hell lot of money from him. She's a gold digger.
When my dad asked her why she wanted to sue him, she replied with, "you betrayed me". There was never any betrayal to begin with. She was just afraid that she'll lose everything because my father has caught her cheating with her old boyfriend. (Which i think he still her boyfriend as she won't allow my dad to even see her phone).

I fvcking hate her because my dad wouldn't want to let her go and decided to stay with her and her kids in a beautiful home while we(his kids) live in our old house without anyone taking care of us because Ive already lost my mom to cancer.

My friend told me that that money is his and he can do whatever he likes with it. And this is also his decision and i fvcking hate his decision. Even his decision to remarry.

To me, she's truly a gold digger and only wants his money. I don't fvcking understand why he wants to fvcking stay with her as he always told me that she is his wife and Ive the rights on my decision. Just get a fvcking divorce already.

Ergh why is this happening to me!!!!
DaniyelHaazik DaniyelHaazik
22-25, M
Aug 18, 2014