Or More Like "my Father's Wife"

I don't even talk to her. I don't step foot in my dad's house because of her.

Rewind to about 10 years ago. I was 12 and I was resentful towards my dad. You see, he would hit my mother, and he left my mom, my brother and I without a home. We had to live in my grandparents' living room and we would only visit him every weekend and later when he was dating his current wife, every other weekend. I no longer had my own room, I was kicked out of my room so my two step-sisters could stay there. There were arguments upon arguments. His wife is also a religious fanatic with her head up her ***, so everything that's a little different is weird and offensive. She would literally insult her daughters (who I didn't really get along with either). So, one day, I wrote a note in my notebook on how I wanted my dad to die. I came to my senses, crumpled it up and threw it away. Apparently, my stepmother got a hold of it and showed my dad. My dad cried about it, but I didn't know what to tell him except that I was sorry. One day, I called my dad to ask him if we could stay over at his house for the weekend. We barely would visit him every other week. And his answer to that was that there was no space for us there because his wife's mom was staying with them. I stopped calling him.

I didn't talk to him for 8 years. Two years ago, I heard my dad went to the hospital and almost died. He went to visit my grandparents' house to see if I was there. I admired the fact that he went to visit me, and I called him up since he had left his number with my grandparents' neighbor. I called him up and his wife answered the phone nicely. Which was unexpected... Well, she was being a complete hypocrite because the day I actually saw her she acted like a total ***** to me. She even brought up the note that I had written 8 years ago. I was 12!! And she told my dad to take me home because she was going to go shopping (my dad has to take her because she doesn't drive and she's too stuck up to take buses). My dad said that he wanted to spend some time with me and she still demanded him to take me home first. I started to cry. She said so many terrible things to me that day that I that I can't even remember them. I guess I tried to block them out of my mind.

It wouldn't bother me so much since I don't have to witness her presence, but she still manages to get under my skin because every time I try to talk to my dad on the phone, she starts talking to him, apparently about me. Since they share an email account, she has started erasing all the emails I send to him. I only get to see him every Sunday and I can't even talk to him on weekdays. Sometimes, I wish I had not called my dad. I don't like all this drama that has unfolded because of his wife.

My dad told me that he started to like a coworker and that she was into him. Any other moment, I would have stuck up for his wife, but I now like the fact that she just might get cheated on. The day she was very mean to me he said "It's ok, wives are replaceable, children aren't". I usually don't like it when people get divorced, but for my dad's happiness, I really wish they would.
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That's so ******. My stepmother does some of things you mentioned like talking to my dad on the phone when I try and call him, too.

I am so sorry that happened to you, I know what youre going thru I had a simular situation and it's so difficult, you have to deal with this woman in order to have a relationship with your dad. I can tell you that as you age it gets easier, I'm almost twice your age and still dealing with it but it does get easier.

I know exactly how you feel my step mom is the same way !!!