My Stepson, The Evil Perp

I met my husband through a mutual friend. I worked for him, then fell in love.
I  knew his adult son aged(24 or so) lived with him and met him. He was a evil little f""k., only speaking to his dad when dad tried to collect the kids part of the bills. The kid used Daddies Sears card ( 2,000.00 hubby got stuck with), and ran the electric bill beyond belief, cause he ran air compressors, and sh"t all day long.
Anyway the kid had an attitude, acting as though Daddy owed him! They had  no relationship at all.
Then as soon as we get married, the punk has to talk to Daddy 3-4 times a day.
 He finally became a ***** donor this year and is using this to keep daddy close.
 Oh and since we hate each other, the new Grandkid is only for my Hubby, I have never seen her!
I shared  the joy of my first Grandchild with my Husband.
I think this is fuc++d up.
This punk just wants me to dump his Daddy. But then he will dump Daddy.
Should I continue to watch him kiss his sons` ***, or kiss him goodbye?
 I hate my freaking damn stepson!!!!!
kaybob63 kaybob63
1 Response Jan 24, 2011

Kaybob63 what happened after all? You posted this 1 year ago, and what has been going on with you and your dilemma since? Your story is very close to mine. Stepson (18 when i came into the picture) never gave his dad the time of day until I showed up with my daughters. Suddenly, he moved back home (my house) and dad was his favorite person. Texting and calling dad all the time to the point I asked my husband to turn off his phone at night when we'd go to sleep because he would text dear old dad "important questions" that couldn't wait until the following morning. Just sabotaging our intimacy sometimes. I don't get it? Why all the jealously? He didn't like that my husband would talk to my daughters ( two of them ages 18 and 16) and give them advice on school or boyfriends. It was like we suddenly took something from him. I still don't understand his possessiveness of his father.