I Think My Teacher Replaced His Brain To His Butt

So, last year, It was the beginning of 11th grade.

we had this new teacher. He teaches computer.

He is a serious guy when u saw him for the first time. He doesn't appreciates jokes, so if we joked about something he would go all "Look I appreciate if you like to joke, but this is a lesson so please respect me as I respect you!"

respect my butt. If we didn't laugh at his cold jokes, he would stare at us like we are some kind of alien or something.

And he loves giving punishment to us. Guess what is the punishment? Singing!

How is singing and computer connected anyway?

And he likes to sing. So everytime he would go all "i will sing for you so you can sing better than me"
when his voice is not exactly idol material itself.

He would make us go home late (his lesson is the last lesson of the day) because after every assignment he insists to check each of our computer to make sure we wasn't cheating. When he said he believes and respects us.

Sheesh. Now I know a life example of misplaced brain
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I really really enjoyed reading this. Its quite unusual to have a teacher do something like..make you sing as punishment lol But it doesn't really sound that bad..but that may be because I'm not the one in the classroom lol.

Now that I\'ve graduated 3 years since that time. It\'s funny when I remember it :p at that time it\'s really annoying. Esp if you had been punished by him :p

Oh lol So you had to sing? That must\'ve been a nice experience lol But its definitely better than a teacher who spits and a teacher who hits you in the head with a huge text book lol

Yeah I had :p but with a group of friends. So I only kind of opened and closed my mouth to pretend to sing. lol.
Yup. Definitely better than that. That\'s too rude and definitely can\'t teach anymore :| at least his punishment are creative and did no harm :p

Lol very sly of you! If he had caught you, you would\'ve had to sing alone :P
Yeah, my teachers were mostly like that. We even had a boxing champion as a math teacher...and I wasn\'t very good at math :/ He would punch you right in the sternum! lol Oh and once, the teacher who hits with the textbook, caught my friend talking during lab and hit him with a huge text and poor fella spun from the hit and crashed into a bookcase lol It wasn\'t funny for him though :/

Because I have a naturally small voice so maybe he thought, \"i can\'t hear her voice, but then she has a small voice.\" If I had sang alone probably it would have been embarrassing because he\'d be like \"sing louder!!!\" Haha
Ouch x_x that\'s really harsh, I\'d definitely avoid his class if I had teacher like him. Is something like that actually allowed by the principal? Maybe the principal is scared of the teacher? Lol :p
Remembering about teachers kinda makes me kinda grateful I\'ve graduated a long time ago :p

Lol what if the guy gave you a mic and asked you to sing because of your small voice :P Now, I would listen to that!
Well, our country doesn\'t have policies like teachers shouldn\'t hit pupils lol I think our principal actually slapped one of my close friends for fighting. His cheek was all red :/ It was a very sad day lol I honestly don\'t like most of the teachers in the world lol

Lol. For now I am glad he didn\'t caught me and that my school didn\'t actually have a mic for each class :p
Wow :| I think my country don\'t have that kind of policies also but they have the law of protection of the underage kids. So yea the teachers are scared to hit us even though I sense they really want to because the kids had pretty ugly attitudes :p
My favorite teacher is the one who lets me write in her class because she knew i love writing. Lol. Wish all teacher could be as understanding like that :D

Lol I believe we have laws like that too, but they still beat the crap out of kids :/
A lot of them do deserve it too, but sometimes its just like adding fuel to fire...they get really rebellious after a while.
Now, thats a good teacher...someone who nurtures your talents :) I honestly don\'t have a favorite teacher because they all hated me for some reason :/...well, thats not true. I get good grades, but was kind of a rebel back then lol I think they were all annoyed because I still got good grades :D

Sometimes there are teachers like that I guess :p, the ones who hate if their pupils are smarter than them.
I know exactly what you mean, my school is the kind of a school that\'s like \"we value your characters rather than your grades\" so students with good grades but rebellious are in trouble, rather than those who are really nice to the teacher even though probably their grades are at \"red alert\". lol. But hey, teenagers, time to rebel and be ourself right?

Valuing character is good and all, but they haven\'t figured out that character is not all about sucking up to them lol And I agree, teenagers are supposed to act like that. It\'s their time! :)

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