Gee, It's Not My Phone That's Ringing!

My another experience is with the religion teacher!

He likes to scold us because our hyperactive personalities. He would say, "when you are at church please, keep your fingers away from the phone keypad!"

Wow, so sorry sir, my phone is iPhone, so I can use it right? It doesn't have any buttons ^^ 

me 1-mr religion 0

Then the funny thing is that one day, when he was lecturing us about we weren't respecting him because we were talking and not listening to him.

He was busy Scolding us when suddenly his blackberry was ringing!!!!!!

He just shut his mouth, turned off his blackberry and continued the lesson like nothing happens.

Of course we were busy whispering and mocking him.

He gave me the "eye". And i felt like fishing out my phone from my pocket and tell the world about his big mouth and his ringing phone via twitter and facebook (I'm so glad I can post this here!)

So if he was going to scold me like this:

"what are you doing playing with your phone? mobile phones are off limits during my lessons!"

Then I could go like, "Gee... It's not my phone that is ringing!"

Too bad I'm too much of a nice girl. So I didn't fish out my phone at all. I just let it stays in my pocket.

In silent mode.
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Religion teacher? I hope I don't sound too ignorant, but is that like subject that they teach at your school??..or church??

My school is a Catholic based school so we have religion class. In my country the curriculum of the HS has religion as main subjects... He was not exactly my religion teacher as the original religion teacher was actually a Priest. He is like a full year substitute teacher :p

Oh alright. I went to an ordinary school and we didn\'t have a religion class, so I was quite surprised. Thank you for clearing by doubt lol I know this is a silly question, but are you religious? :P

You\'re welcome :D religion class has its ups and downs. In highschool it\'s a bit hard for me cause me and some of my friends that are not Catholic so the subject is foreign and hard, but we enjoyed learning and understanding about people in different religions so it\'s fine :)
Not really, I believe Jesus as my savior and what the bible said but I am not exactly the kind of person who is strictly religious. I rather stick to my personal beliefs rather than \"showing off\" to everyone about these kinds of things hehe. For me religion is something people choose for them self and something to be respected by everyone else. No matter how they do it and their religion values

Thats a very good perspective...I respect that and I wish more people would think like that. Some people actually kill each other because of religion, its kinda sad and quite narrow-minded. Some people simply force others to choose a path, which is also wrong entirely because they should respect another person\'s and opinions, other than trying to push them into a place where they don\'t belong.

Thankyou :) I think the factors affecting the minds of people are their family\'s perspective (contributes to how they see others as they grow up), their experiences, and how they see and responded to other\'s difference. Everyone has different reasons, personalities and pasts, so I guess that\'s why some people are narrow minded and some are very tolerable to others. As the people respecting others we should be an example so that perhaps other can see past their differences.
Some of my best friends have different race and religion than me, and we get along very well by focusing on the things we have in common (such as same hobbies, interests, point of views, etc) rather than the differences. I wish people could see the thing that matters is the common things they share (there must be something, we are all humans anyway, being a human is already a thing in common. Lol. ) rather than the differences. I guess the world would be much better place right? :)

I understand what you\'re saying and its true but on some level, I can\'t help but think that the people want to be influenced and cause division among themselves. I\'ve always wondered how it would be if there was a world without religions or simply just one religion...guess I\'ll never find out lol I\'m not saying people will stop killing each other, they still might, but if there is one less cause for that, it will certainly be more peaceful. I come from a place where religions have caused nothing but destruction and division, but at the same time it gives hope to people who have nothing to put their faith in. Well, lets just hope people will find something they can relate to, like you we are all humans anyway. This world could be a lot better, I just hope it won\'t get any worse lol

I totally agree what you\'ve said, like most things, religions have their positive sides and negative sides. I guess it\'s one of those things which are controversial and mind boggling for us to resolve. After all it\'s about our personal beliefs with God which varies for each one of us. Which should always be respected.
I wish the best for you, you are a wonderful and open minded person :)
We all wish for a better world, although the definition of a \"better\" world varies for everyone. But everyone definitely agree on wishing the world not to get worse :)

Yeah, it definitely is controversial..will probably stay unresolved till the end of time. Thank you :) I try to stay open minded and embrace things the way they are but I\'m sure there are a lot of people who think I\'m not that wonderful though lol
Its quite refreshing to meet someone who is non-judgmental and open minded as you. World could get a lot better if more people think like you do or at least tried to :)
Who knows, maybe it will get better and people will realize that its less about what religion you\'re from, and its about what you do and that is what defines you.

People in real life tends to define someone by their appearance and overall impression, even if the person is honest and being them self. It\'s kinda sad to know that.
Thankyou too, in real life I\'m the most shallow person you\'ll ever meet. Ha :p because somehow, most of the people in my life are not ready to accept and hear these kinds of opinion. Most of them are like, \"can we talk about something that\'s easy to discuss and everyone can connect to?\". Yeah, so that\'s why I spare my opinions here :p
I am glad that I can talk to someone like you too, how do we get into this topic again? Haha, from a story about a teacher. Amazing. It has been a long time since I can talk to someone this freely :)

Yeah, superficiality is a trend these days. Individuality is something that people are starting to forget. Everyone has to conform to what they think is right and normal, otherwise we get neglected lol

Then, I guess I\'m shallow too :P lol My friends here just talk about going for trips and having fun..about how wasted they were the night before..enjoying the moment..which are all well and good and I become the person who listens and observes the conversation lol They are all nice and loyal fellas, but I always feel like I don\'t fit in. Its a weird feeling lol

We started with teachers and look where we are now lol Its really to find someone who I can connect to, so I tend to let loose and ramble on once in a while lol And I\'m also glad that I got to share my thoughts freely with you :)

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