She Blamed Innocent Electronics!

Another crazy teacher in my life.

This one is my character teacher.

Ok, I know what you are going to say, "why would a character teacher be crazy?"

Easy. Because she mastered (master, as in Ph.d) psychology she always thinks that she's the human understanding machine and all so she can play with the student's emotion.

When the truth is maybe she was a really a mean person then she took psychology to "mask" her true personality and people would think that "oh, psychology people are so nice!" to her.

One day (it happened a few months ago) we were making an assignment.

Her instructions were not clear so we thought that we only needed to make a presentation. Not including a paperwork.

My team and I made the presentation as good as we can. 

Till the day. One of my friend brought her paperwork and she told me it hasn't been signed by the following person (someone that was important). I was all, 
"that's okay, at least you make a paperwork!" 

But turns out I was wrong.

She just huffed at my friends work, and threw it to the wall!

My friend got really offended (who wouldn't, really?)

And her bad mood affected the whole day.

See, My username "headphonesasvictim" wasn't there without a reason. 

It's because it happens with this teacher.

I'm the kind of girl that can't live without music, so I always wear headphones. Even at school.

So I met his crazy teacher with my headphones off, but I wear it around my neck. 

My other teacher said, "you like to wear headphones huh? I always see you wear headphones?"

"yeah, it's nice," I said (I was smiling!)

"but it's not polite, we don't live in Korea you know," the psychologist in disguise said to me

Korea? What does korea had to to with wearing headphones around your neck?

And has she ever go to Korea?

And my poor innocent headphones as the victim! (see my username here?)

The smile on my face faded like someone has turned the music volume down fast.

"well, okay, I will live in Korea!"

I didn't scream at her, you know.

Just being the sarcastic me.

"Okay, fine, live there!"

Sensitive much?

The next day, she actually blabbered to every teacher about me, making it like I'm some rebelious student (I'm a good student, *finger crossed behind backside*).

And I thought psychologist are good at keeping secrets? (well maybe the exceptions of her)

My school has this kind of "your character is more important than grades!"

So my school even thought that maybe they shouldn't let me pass the grade!

Luckily I skipped that one, because my grades are quite promising. 

Then the next day, my headphones broke! 

And it's all because of the crazy teacher!

I'm guessing after she blabbered to the teachers she cursed my headphones with some voodoo or something

Why should my headphones be the victim?

Go to korea! To really prove your crazy theory of yours ms Ph.d, nonsense, not only koreans wear headphones around their necks!

P.S: this is a real story of mine, no lies 
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1 Response Jul 13, 2010

i have a teacher who is also crazy but thinks she knows why people are crazy cause she studied about it.