Passive Aggressive

I decided to take a teacher this semester who is rated 5 stars by previous students because he's such a fun person. Yeah, he's the fun 'party' teacher, but he has a mean side.

I think I'm the only one who has attracted his wrath this semester, so nobody knows what I'm talking about.

During one of the homework assignments, I found a question that was phrased to sound like a trick question, so I answered it as such because, he's the jokey teacher, of course he would do that.

Well when I mentioned it to him he got all crabby saying "Don't be stupid" and "You must not think very highly of me as a teacher if you thought I'd put a trick question on a graded assignment"... except that that's EXACTLY WHAT HE WOULD DO. In fact, throughout the semester, he jokes a lot about how he hates the color orange. Well, in the second test, there was a question involving colors and probability. Well some students decided as a joke to answer the question, ignoring orange as an option, and he gave them credit for that!

Then later on, he was doing a fun and games class session where we could earn bonus points and candy for getting good scores. Well, in one of the games I got a 16/16 score, so the teacher asked "Who got 14 points?" a bunch of people raised their hands and he gave out candy. Then he asked "Who got 12 points?" a bunch raised their hands and he gave out candy. Then he moved on to the next game, completely ignoring the proud 1st place winner.

So after class, I just casually walked up and mentioned that I didn't get any candy for getting first place. No big deal, it's just candy. So my teacher seemed offended somehow, saying he felt like he was being played and he said I should have spoken up when he asked "Who has the highest score?". I told him that I only heard him ask for people with 14 and 12 points and he got all passive aggressive and said "Well sorry I must have terrible communication skills."

At least I've figured out his method so I can avoid it in the future. If he makes a mistake of some sort that leaves you without something you deserve, either deal with it or expect to fight for it.
JackBond1234 JackBond1234
18-21, M
Mar 18, 2012