I Hate My Teacher So Much!!!

He has anger issues he throws chairs bangs his head on the wall like he's on something he's so annoying he acts like a 5 year old god i hate him so much!!! i even hate talking about it. Okay so this what happend i was in class today and he was in a really bad mood then i put my head on my desk so he thought i was laughing at him so he yelled at me i told him i wasn't laughing and that ***** didn't even say sorry i hate him so much!!!!!!! excuse the language but he is so annoying i would do anything to get out of this classroom.!!
masterkeykey masterkeykey
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1 Response May 24, 2012

don't worry hun, my math teacher is pretty much worse than yours. she slaps and beats the crap out of us whenever she pleases. urghh what a *****!

If you think your math teacher is bad, you should see my computing teacher when he's in a bad mood. The way he treats me makes me think he's from Mordor.