I Hate This B**** Teacher!!!

I'm 8th grade students. This year my school received a lot of new teachers and I really hate one of the new teacher named Miss N.A. She taught my class P.E on the early months. Then, she transferred to morning session. My friend and I hate her because she likes to nag with her grating voice that is really annoying. She was the most shortest teacher and we called her 'W**** Dwraf'. Due to her shortness height, she always wearing wedges to school (which are nowadays are popular at my country). I hate wedges because for me they look like s***. I wonder why she never wear high heels. Maybe she afraid if her both legs are broken anyway. Hahaha...(evil laugh 3:)

The story happened on this morning. A friend of mine and I performed our duty as health prefect at the school health room. We don't know that she was a teacher in charge on that day since she is in morning session. At that time, she sent a sick student who had headache to the medical room. That day was windy. Both of us decided to lock the door because the door bothered us with it squeaky sound. While both of us were tidy up the medical room, a hard knock came out from outside. Both of us asked them to wait for a second to open the door. Then, the knocking was more and more harder. I'm sick of her for being unpatient! Suddenly, that w**** scolded both of us and thought that we were students in morning session who were trying to truancy. But we denied that we are students from the morning session and admitted that we are health prefect from the evening session. She still didn't trust us and leave without apologizing us for her bad manner(knocking the door more and more harder).

In the afternoon, she came again to the health room and checked whether there are students who trying to truancy whereas that time was school dissmissal time and students were busy going home. If students are return to home, why should she checked up the health room? It sounds stupid, right? We locked the door again because the door was really annoying and the students who walking passing by the room bothered us with knocking and peeping behind the door without no reasons. Then, that w**** came and knocked the door harder like she did that morning and scolded us again for the second time for locking the door. I'm afraid that my crush (he was on 11th grade) will saw me being scolded by that w****. I know he had a feeling on me because I recognized a few signing show he likes me. But he still afraid to confess his feeling towards me. I don't want to be humiliated infront of him and the others. At least, that w**** teacher should understand my feeling and respect my dignity. SUCH A HEARTLESS!!!

I might not be able to beg on this time. This fiery glowing revenge will never dissaper from my sight. I promise to myself that someday she must feel what am I feel right now. All of my patient had dissapeared because of her. Just wait the revenge to come near to you, Miss N.A!!!
KimMellow98 KimMellow98
13-15, F
Sep 12, 2012