Mrs. Gamm

This f***ing b**ch will stand up in front of class for the whole block which is a hr and 45mins and talk and talk and talk. she is so boring the almost everyone falls asleep. But she only picks on me and my friend ben. She has these hw quizes which i ace everytime because i know math very well. its off your hw so if i know how to do it then why would i do the hw. she saw i did this and changed it to where you cant have a book or calculator out. I am native american and so i have brown skin. from the first day she has hated me and i think its truley because she is a racist b**ch. I HATEEEEE HERRRRR SO MUCH. She is HUGE, like 300lbs and she has a very noticable mustache that is so fun to make fun of. My whole class hates her and i cant wait till this summester ends........ In my school there is five or six math teachers and there are 2 crazy ones, one hard one, one ok one, and two toataly amazing ones. i will remember those two amazing ones for my life because i would sit there and talk to them. but **** if you took the time to read this hmu on facebook. my name is zachary viox. I LOVE PRECIOUS <3
KumarXx420xX KumarXx420xX
Dec 11, 2012