My Teacher Assumes That I'M Stupid.

I hate this so much. It's obvious from the way that she grades my essays that she thinks I'm too stupid to write a decent paper.
She always assumes that I'm plagiarizing whenever the essay I write is good, and ends up marking me off anways regardless of the fact that she has absolutely no evidence whatsoever.
I am the only student she seems to do this to, and I have no ******* idea why.
TheGreatCatsby TheGreatCatsby
1 Response Feb 6, 2013

my teacher is the same he always gives me a spacial 'quiz' and i always get great sometimes i'm marked good and he comes and just gives me random help its like wtf i'm not a idot my advice is talk to him or her or talk to a parent a parent would talk to your teacher and make sure he knows your not dumb or maybe your teacher is a f!*$#% biotch if nothing works tell a different teacher they can talk to your teacher and you will live happily ever after