Really Horrible Maths Teacher!!!!help!!!!!!!!!!

I hate but yet I do as she say because I am scared of her. She scares the hell out of me yet I hate her soooo much, all I can do is to not stab her with a knife or something...

Let me start from the beginning when I met her. I met her last year when I was a year 1 in school, the youngest kid around. She's my maths teacher. At first she seems nice, telling stories and everything then the nightmare started. She would not give homeowrk for a few days, then suddenly give more than 20. Also, when she found out that someone didn't do their work she got into a terrible mood. She threw books and screamed. You might be wondering why hasn't any parents complained about her. First, she bribes people. Sometimes after a scolding she will tell a story or give out sweets or something and people tend to forgive and forget. Also, she give us out homework through our emails so if we didn't check our mails and missed our work she would make us stay back after school. If we didn't stay back, she would scream and yell at us in front of the whole class and do lots of terrible things...because of that, I noe have a problem with not checking my mail every minute... its like a compulsive disorder... I feel scared if I didn't check my mail every hour, even during the holidays... help...

Then, she also adds a lot of extra lessons and she always don't care if we have clubs or even enrichment classes. She will say, " I don't care!" and we can do nothing about it. She puts on an angel's face in front of the principal and parents and there's not a damn I can do to expose her. I am not saying that she is all evil and stuff but I really hate her and I don't think she should be a teacher... tomorrow she have extra lessons again at 7am in the morning but that will mean that I have to catch the bus at 5am (I take 2 hours to get to school) but the first bus dosen't come until 5.30am! What should I do? I emailed her asking if she could push back the lesson or something but all she said was, " I don't care! You'd better come on time. There will be consequences if you don't arrive on time!" What the hell am i going to do?! I think I'll try to kill myself or something... when you have a teacher like her, death is peaceful.



okay, today is about a month away from when I first posted this. She just invented this new way of torturing us. My school starts at 8.00am everyday she made us have extra lessons at 7.00am and in order to get to school at that time, I have to wake up super early... last time I went for her extra lessons I fell sick the day after... I don't know what will happen this time! My body cannot stand waking up so early and I think I might die if her lessons continue like that. Or maybe I'll just kill myself. I really cannot stand her anymore!!!!

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Forget it kid, just take secret camera and show it directly to the principal, and even after that u can't stand her. I think u should complain against her to ur head principal.

i felt the same. my english teacher also like that. nowadays teacher were sooooo bad!~

Oh my god, videotape that b****! I thought I had it bad, but that is terrible. I feel for you. If it's any consolation, you'll be out of that b****s classroom in a year or two...