I Hate My Teacher

okay so there is a whole lot of **** i can say about my ***** of i teacher besides the fact that  well she makes me so mad.

First of all she wouldn't let me turn in my ******* homework and i had a damn doctors note so what if it was late how about she tries to be sick the forget 1 little damn thing and see how her employer takes it ne way bottom line is i ******* hate her and i cant wait for her to say some **** to me and try and be my friend cuss im going to look at her like she is dumb and wish i could tell her to go **** herself with a broom handle until she bleeds......... STUPID ***** i just had to get it off of my chest

it just that when you try to do the right thing it is always that one stupid ***** holding you back and want to see you ******* fail well **** her and **** that class i don't need that **** to graduate and i already got into the college i want to go to so like i said before she can go **** herself.


Sincerely Pissed Off

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Feb 16, 2010