Binder Quotes

Okay, So I was in Social Studies. (We have a bitchy teacher!) Anyway, my friend Brittany was reading my binder and my teacher came up from behind her and picked it up out of her hands. Well, she had no right to read ANYTHING I wrote on my binder....after all, its not her binder why should she care? Well I had a quote on there that said "Bitchy? Sorry I wasn't taught how to say F*** You politely!" and she read it and was like Brittany come back here. I looked at my teacher and said Its mine not Brittany's! She was ok,then u come back here! (I have an EXTRA SARCASTIC ok) I was like "Ok" Well, she brought me to the back of the room and was like "What would your mother say? Does she approve of this?"I just looked at her and was like Yeah.....? She was like do u know what to do with this paper? and I was like "No,why dont u tell me what to do with it" and She made me shred up the paper!!!!!! The paper had  ONLY ONE BAD QUOTE on it. The other ones were about my crush...(who didn't see any of it! THANK GOD!!!!) I just thought it was pretty retarded to make me shred it because of ONE bad quote. I was up until 2:00 in the damn morning working on these!!!!! I wanted to hit her so bad. I told all of my friends about it and they were like "I think you should back in there tomorrow with an even worse quote." I was so embarrassed!

Jessi241 Jessi241
13-15, F
Feb 23, 2010