Religious Therapists Scare Me

I keep running into therapists from conservative religious backgrounds. I am convinced they must be ethically challenged. I mean, how could they objectively treat the following type clients or patients:

a woman considering an abortion
anyone considering a divorce
rebellious teens ( Many religions teach that the family is so sacred, and always threatened by outside forces! Such as rebellious teens.)
Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, Wicans

In my Midwestern, kinda Southern city, a very large, and old, fundamentalist seminary churns out graduates with counseling or social work degrees, and they pepper the public mental health agency. As a teen, decades ago, my psychiatrist was a twisted conservative and religious man. He told me my urge to leave organized religion was my way of alienating myself from society.

Ironically, these religious folks are quick to label other people's beliefs in alternative religions or the paranormal as "magical thinking", if not "delusion".

My rule nowadays: ALWAYS ask a therapist where their degrees are from. I refuse to see ones from such repressive backgrounds.
Lojan Lojan
41-45, M
Sep 9, 2012