I Just Fired My Therapist

I have been in therapy off and on for many years, dealing with issues such as co-dependence. I have long been forgiving to a fault with people in my life, and have tended to hang on to relationships and friendships long after they stopped working and even became toxic. I started seeing a social worker six years ago at a Family Service facility. I had little choice because I don't have medical insurance, and they accept payment on a sliding scale basis.
I did not like this therapist from the outset. For one, she's 20 years younger than me, and clueless. When I first started seeing her, I had just ended a relationship with a man who was mentally abusive. He also was into kinky sex and tried to pressure me into having a *********, despite that I made it very clear that this is not my scene, and I felt very uncomfortable about this. When I told my therapist about this, she defended him! She said that some people are just into that, it's not right or wrong and that's their prerogative! I tried to stop seeing her then and there, but the head of the agency insisted that I give her another chance, basically saying in a roundabout way that I had no choice in the matter.
So I continued seeing this incompetent social worker for six more years. Meanwhile, I had been making progress (no thanks to her) and had reached a point where I was able to walk away from people who were not good for me, which I think is a good thing. We were discussing this and she said that I should "lower my expectations" of people, or I will wind up with no friends! I was furious! So I fired her. I told the secretary at the agency that I wanted to stop seeing this therapist years ago, and would no longer accept this poor treatment, then I demanded to be assigned to another counselor. She assured me that the person in charge of intake would get back to me, but I have not heard from anyone.
I am so furious about this that I could tear my hair out!
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

I'm so sorry this happened to you. There are incompetent people in every field. Unfortunately there a quite a few counselors out there who think counseling is about sitting there and giving you their personal opinion rather than really listening to you and helping you help yourself. This woman should have never been so judgmental and she shouldn't have forced her opinion on you. I was in the same boat. I had no insurance and went to a sliding scale (a couple actually) clinic looking for a counselor. These clinics are filled with inexperienced trainees and counselors who are not good enough to build up a clientele on their own. It's a real shame that there isn't more quality control and that they are not held accountable when complains are made. This affects the people that typically need the most help.