She Dumped Me Then Said She Didn't

I used to really care for my T. But when I was having real trouble she dumped me and said she had "no intention" of treating me.

When I called her to talk about it, she didn't even acknowledge my pain. She just kept saying that she would not see me. She lied about me having a problem that I did not have. An issue that she claims she doesn't treat. I don't and didn't have a problem like she said. I have a mild type of Munchausen syndrome. But she does not know this and has not yet figured it out.

Finally, she agreed to see me again, but everytime I want to talk about how much she hurt me, she pretends like she never dumped me and that it's not a problem since she took me back.

I used to love her but now I really hate her. I want to scream at her "I hate you, YOU'RE a BIT@#!"

Leirua Leirua
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

yes, welcome!!!!!! under the skin lies this... under every therapist is a con artist. Someone who offers a service for money. Yup, you got taken and said you had a bunch of problems you never had. Maybe she did you a favor. but am glad she kicked you because honestly these are con artist who praise a DSM book. whatever diagnosis they said you had... find it in this book next time your at a local book store and remember the code next to it.Bad practices by therapist. Looks like you may have a law suite. Claiming insurance money on your disability you never had. You could get big money from this. I'd tell this story to a local lawyer, and the person who kicked you out of office would be homeless then.. YAY! good job.. keep ya head up and notice you were not doing nething wrong. they were. so at the end of the day.. this person was doing many illegal things. like insurance fraud. you can learn about this... on youtube.. watch dsm scam documentaries.. watch a bunch... so you can decide who is right. two rights to this wrong. a business right, and a personal right. money is what made her pull you in.. then push you out. Dirty little therapist we got here.Id say... you got lucky.


I'm so sorry that you've had to go through this experience. It's almost like being betrayed on two fronts. If your therapist is "leaning" toward your husband's side because he's a health care professional, then this sounds like a serious ethical issue. Get out of this, and find a new therapist, even if it turns out that it was not the case. The relationship and trust with your therapist has been tainted. You don't want to waist valuable (expensive) time, trying to stay off head games, and deciphering what your therapist is thinking and feeling about you; that should be her/his job.