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The Isle Of Forever

My town is populated by the old and grey. Dog walkers idle around aimlessly, with the dogs usually taking the lead. I guess they need the company.

On most days there's nothing to do but cycle aimlessly about the coast, wondering whether anything will change. But things don't change, just the weather. In the summer, people flock to the beach. Some rich lads wheel out their varnished jet-skis and drive from one side of the beach to the other. And back again.

In the local town centre there is a nightclub that I DJ at, when I want to, which is not often. It is full of scenesters sizing each other up, and practicing their sneers. They're not actually bad people, but they're mostly unemployed, wasters, drifters, the club is their only life. It is best not to become part of that scene. Not that I could now if I wanted to anyway. I'm old. They look at me like I'm an adult.

I could go to the local library, but that isn't fun.. just a couple of bitter looking librarians guarding shelves not properly stocked since the 1980s. The locals do not seem to notice. I'm keeping hold of my copy of Albert Camus - The Fall. A bitter, cynical book that I like, but not enough to finish, even though it's a very small book. The main character seems too like me.

There is a local all-boys school, and a local all-girls school. I went to both, and didn't like either.

I know I should escape this small dull town, like I have before. I need to make a move before I become part of the scenery, but I can feel myself wasting away, apathy is suffocating me like a blanket, and making it difficult to see the horizon.

Is there a horizon? I'm no longer even sure.

emptyroads emptyroads 26-30, M 1 Response Feb 22, 2010

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chocked by the small boring town, so gray and boring, im there too, is so dull, you can fell your better years going away one by one to never come back, it hurts, the youth being wasted on nothing, the repetition of the analysis of why you hate the place and your life over and over again, the ticking of the loop of the same day...who gives a crap, like if anyoness gonna read this, im gonna go sleep 14 hours till i forget im alive