I Hate My Vagina

Im a teenage girl. My vaginas been like this since I was little. Ive never had any sexual activity, which all my friends find strange because theyve all AT LEAST been fingered. Ive had two major relationships during my highschool years. Both of which my boyfriends wanted to explore me sexually. I HATE my vagina. It makes me feel like Im not even a woman. Its making me depressed. My current boyfriend has already referred to vaginas and has made remarks like "saggy old **** is disgusting" and he thinks all vaginas should be small and little. I always bring up little things like "what if I was really loose?" or "what if I had big labia" and he thinks I could NEVER have that because Im naturally petite and so...he just expects it to be cute. Hes told me that thats the nastiest thing ever and hed hate it. I want to do stuff, I love him. But its killing me.
I have tons of guy friends, and to all you guys that say guys dont care what it looks like YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG.
None of my friends have vaginas even similar to mine, they all have perfect little tight pink labialess vaginas.
I know Im abnormal and Im considering surgery down there, to get it cute so i can do things. I feel like Im not a woman and Im a disgusting excuse for one.
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7 Responses Jul 20, 2010

i like all viginas i would love yours. i would lick it everyday if that would help you understand that i really loved it. cherish your vigina. It is perfect and it will give you great pleasure..

DO NOT GET SURGERY. NOT ONLY WILL YOU REGRET IT WHEN YOU ARE OLDER AND MORE HAPPY WITH YOUR BODY AND UNDERSTAND THE WORLD BETTER!! YOU CAN LOSE FEELING!!! Why would any one want to ruin their sexual organs. Time will show you... GUYS LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE!!!. **** the jerk guys that don't know any better!!

Your bf is full of **** and so are you for taking what he said as fact, men do not care what their partners genitals look like, so long as it isn't equivalent to the blue waffle or covered in wiry thick black hair or smell like rotting meat or fish, it's all good.
and your labia are supposed to poke out.
now never ever consider surgery YOU do not want that.

Look, the comment you made about guys caring about what I looks like is complete bull. Your bf was jus a douche. I've asked multiple guys if they care how it lt looks, and 90% of them say, " I don't care, just as Lon as I get some" so yeah. You went out with a douche, lots of girls do it in high school.

Well, REAL MEN are not as vain as your jerk boyfriend. Vaginas come in all different styles. Stop obsessing over it is the best advice I can give you. If the boyfriend does not like it, then get rid of the boyfriend. If he can't love you for what you are and how you look, then he does not really love you.

Teenage boys are THE WORST creation on this earth - for the most part. Ignore the boys and their comments. Things will get better. And don't think you're odd because of what you haven't done sexually. I never had sex until I was 18; I was afraid I'd get pregnant and miss out on going to college. Everyone's vagina looks a bit different; you'd be shocked to see the wide variation in appearances. I know I was.

i have that too, and im a teenage girl also.. but ive done stuff with multiple guys, and ive had sex. they dont say anything about it, and i used to hate mine and thought it was a big deal but it doesnt matter to me anymore