I Despise It

I hate everything about my vag the way it looks. I have stupid,ugly lips. I really wish I didn't have them.
They look awful and they're gross.
If surgery wouldn't make me hate my vag more; I would just get surgery.
I hate the strong smell it gives off.
The list could go on.
I wish it wasn't a part of my body.
I am disgusted with its purpose and would be glad to be rid of it. I really hate that it's the only thing that most guys want from a girl and will crush and destroy her entire f*cking spirit and being for it.
If I could chop it off and still live, I'd be one of the happiest people alive. I'd rather have a p*nis than what I have, any day of the week.
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The reason why lips on their own can looks strange is because nature meant for it to be accompanied by pubic hair. Let me guess: You shave off all the ornamentation "down there"...

Not shaving also makes the smell more sweet (at least to a guy). Maybe women and men interpret the smell differently?

Yes, there is a surgical option. But this should be the last resort. If you always have a smell down there, you should try using a bidet instead of toilet paper. I have one - a waterkleen bidet. It has made a difference in my life. As for looks, I think you should know that many men like big lips. Have you tried shaving then doing a cosmetic look? try a Vatto from brazilianplus.com. They will make you think differently about how you look

I would never do surgery, the results are often worse than what you started with. I think it's just the natural scent, since I've posted this I've researched a lot of things. I've looking into a bidet but with my current living situation I won't be getting one anytime soon. I'm getting better about acknowledging that I'm stuck with it and just adjust accordingly. But I'll look into what you've suggested. Thank you.


I am glad to hear of your decision. I do not think surgery really works. But, you really should look into the bidet thing. Since I used it, I have no yeast infections, no bad smell, no nothing. It could also be that your vagina does not smell and you just think it does. That bidet cost me less than a hundred dollars. It attaches right on your toilet. The money it saves on toilet paper and women itch creams is more that the cost. I think I still have a $20 coupon from these people- waterkleen, I will look for it and send it to you over the next couple of days

Yeah I think about drastic things like that for years before I decide if it's worth it or not. I don't believe the surgery is worth it.
With my current living situation it'd be hard to order it let alone let them install it without raising question.
But still thank you very much!

I know exactly how you feel. The inner labia are so ugly in my case, long and with dark pigmentation, I also have an long and thick hood, there is so much extra skin everywhere. Surgery really does appeal and I have such amazing loss of confidence as a result of that ugly skin.

Don't be an idiot. Surgery is NOT the answer. You need to find happiness in your self. Surgery should not be allow to preformed on any sexual organ.

sorry you feel that way... you might be surprised to learn that someone might find them beautiful

I know that every body is different and all women will look different there, but ultimately I've decided not to "share" my body with anybody(male or female). It's simply a personal choice and considering that I don't trust anybody it's not a big deal anymore, but thank you for your input.