My Wife Does Not Want To Have Sex With Me..

The situation:

My Wife does not enjoy sex with me.
We have majority ORAL sex instead of intercouse.
I get an erection with oral sex, but cant maintain it.

A summary:

We have sex once every 3 months.
I am 44, I have erection problems.
I am a diabetic, a little overweight
I am a recent cancer survivor.
My stomach lining is torn therefore my intestines are outside my stomach.
 I have some mental hurts involving sex. All my relationships I was cheated on for not having sex..
I was a virgin until my first marriage at age 34.
I told her all my hangups over and over before we got married.
She promised me she can deal with it..
she is 42.
I have no kids and want one really really bad..
There is too much pressure because time is running out on her age.

The Story.

She enjoys when I eat her *****, she **** and orgrasms several times.
I am licking and sucking her ***** for hours..
But when it comes time for her to give me oral, she doesnt want to.
I dont stink, I am very clean. but she wants me to be able to be like the rest of the men she has been with,
She is use to lying down on her back, opening her legs and letting the man be a man.
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Jul 27, 2010