Miserable Existence.

I married my wife due to pregnancy.  I was so stupid. She is a whack job.  I really think she is Bipolar or nuts.  She flies off the handle at the drop of a hat. She is very unintelligent and uneducated , cant help the kids with homework AT ALL.  She has NO common sense and cant carry on a decent conversation for more then a minute.  Her pot usage has made her short term memory nonexistent.  She isn't rationale in any case or argument.  She is now a pill popper....just like her pill and crack addicted sister , she thinks she doesnt have a problem...cause the pills are prescribed.  She smokes 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day and the whole house smells like it.  She is losing her teeth due to bad gums.  She is starting to ignore  her hygiene and almost never cleans the house.  Our room is in shambles.  She wont use a closet or dresser...everything is in baskets or on the floor.  My stuff is hung up or in dressers.  She has a gambling problem....lost 8-10K at the local casino a few years ago...causing me to go bankrupt...and she still wont stop going.  She has her money and i never get any help at all with bills.  She runs her own business...but has run it into the ground more then once.  She cant keep employees...they cant stand her drug usage and mismanagment of her shop.  She also has ZERO friends.  She counts customers as friends and none of them really see her outside of work.  She never does anything with anyone...no one wants to be near her.  She is nasty to waiters/waitresses...even if not their fault.  She complains just to complain.   My kids tell her they are sick of her never being home and doing things with them.  I would leave her in an instant....but she will get 1/2 my 401k , house and child support...unless i get the kids.  My health is starting to suffer from the miserable existence.  I do exercise and eat right....but she hardly cooks....loves to order out....which is fine once in awhile.  But she is now getting the kids fat along with her big ***.  Why cant laws be more male friendly these days....its not 100 or even 50 yrs ago. Woman work and dont deserve half of everything just cause you leave her ***.  She is getting so big i wouldnt touch her even if she did offer sex.  She takes so many pills and smokes so much pot that she has almost zero libido.  She is basically useless as a wife and lover...and even mother. 
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I am a female and married and I can honestly say I would not tolerate that behavior at all. Seriously, I would consider leaving for your sanity and your kids. To disregard your children's health and hers that way is insane... I think it is time for a change.

You should take a few phone videos of her smoking weed. Also, I doubt that a house full of stale cigarette smoke is good for your kids. If you are smoking weed, stop for about a month to clear your system out, then go to a lawyer. Volunteer to take a drug test. There is no way that any court will award custody to a druggie who constantly fills her house with cigarette smoke. You are actually in a good position to pull the rug out from under this phucking sow. She is also gambling money away that should be used to help your family. Dude, you can't lose. Just make sure you can gather proof. If you do that she won't know what hit her.

how could anyone blame you for any of that. dont that that sh*t from that female poster. You deserve better. You might even be able to leave her without giving up all your $ because she is such an unfit parent. talk to a lawyer, your life isnt over. you can do whatever is right for you

I agree...I am in a situation kind of like yours...without the pot and bad teeth. Got a girl pregnant and thought I had to marry her to see my child. If it wasnt for the fact the I now have a 5 year old little girl and a 2 yr old boy who is my everything I might regret it. But you can still be a father and not live with the misserable B*&^H.

i dont think its your fault i think you need to bail on her really.

What??? I totally agree Hi Blood. Women have become nothing but power hungry in todays generation. I work all day while my wife stays home with our son, and when I get home from work she expects me to clean the house and cook supper. It is driving me insane and nothing I do will make her see the light. I am so stressed out because she tries to run my life while she sits back and gets to do whatever she wants. You can tell us to be real men but I know I am a man, its time woman start doing what they were made to do, cleaning, putting out and listening to their husbands. Maybe if we went back to those days more marriages might work but I know this one is over for sure.

WTF?...really?...cleaning, putting out?..magine!

you are pathetic. i bet it's your face, spare tire and small **** that causes her to pop pills. try cleaning your own damn house instead of sitting on your butt. lazy! expect meals to be made for you... pfft. pathetic. learn to be a real man.