My Wife Hates Me And I Hate Her Too

I have known my wife since she was about 12. She was my sisters best friend. She is 26 now and we have been married for a little over a year. All that my wife does is complain and curse me out. Nothing that I ever do is good enough for her. I have given her the life for 4 years and now that I lost my job she is worst than ever. Now that she can't get her pedicures and all her fancy crap. She wakes up in a bad mood and goes to bed in a bad mood. She's always telling me how much she hates me and wishing that I would die in my sleep. How am I supposed to make her happy if that is all that I hear? I hate her family. All that they do is get in our business and ***** about everything. They are the main reason that I am miserable. Ever since we moved in with them everything has gotten so much worse. I feel like she has no feelings sexually towards me anymore. She never touches me or wants to hold me anymore. She is nor in the best of shape but I still love her and she still turns me on. When we first met she was super skinny. She had 2 kids and is not the same as before but I have never complained about it or made her feel bad about it. I loved her no matter what. She is always putting me down and telling me how fat and ugly I am. Before her I was 40 pounds lighter but she has the bad habit of always wanting to go out to eat, fattening food. I have compromised a lot of time and money into this woman and it has never been appreciated. I am not sure why we are still together, are we afraid of being lonely? She is a total ***** to me 100% of the time and I think that maybe it's time that I put an end to it. I love her to death but I also hate her. It's weird. Do you know that new song by Eminem, "Love the way you lie"? That is what I can best describe it to. I don't know what to do.
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i feel ur pain,i married a woman who is the same way.she curses me,calls me names,leaves me crying and can go to sleep and never ever in 29yrs has she apologized.she can give me cold shoulder for weeks.<br />
im at my end,u r young,leave her will never get better.if she only loves u when u make money its not true love.<br />
my wife is a narcissist and borderline personality disorder<br />
check out site shrink4men<br />
good luck

Sounds like you have a real **** on your hands. You should go see a lawyer that specializes in mens rights, and see what your options are. You only get one shot at life. Tell that bit*h to shut her filthy trap.

this situation is created by yourself mate. even you truly love her but should always have boundaries. don't be goody husband every time. try to be authority of your house. create your self esteem. for a few months stay apart and show that you don't need her and can live without her. secondly don't let always fulfill her wishes. for every wishes she has to earn it by respecting you, by fulfilling your desires, by cooking etc. she will win your heart then you can fill her demand. Mate i had the same problem. then after i took control of my life. i let her go by her own wishes. in less then one month she bounced back like a nice wife. today i don't have many problem like it used to be before. she now knows her boundaries.

I really feel sad that it is happening this way, Instead you feeling emotional in the same way, get to the root of the problem, for this you need a real friend who can see the things in an unbiased manner.<br />
actually your wife may be suffering a mental depression called melancholia , where she needs complete dominance over you .. best is consult a phsychiatrist , he can really understand you;


Just get out, it gets sooooooooooo much better when you are free of an insane wife. I divorced my wife a few months ago, and by far it has been one of the best choices I ever made. Yes, I am broke right now (finally cleaning up the insane debt with her), but the motivation one gets from being free from the black hole wife makes one want to take on the world. <br />
<br />
It is like God gives you another chance. And the kids don't like being in the middle of a toxic marriage. Thank God Almighty I got full custody because she was so gone she couldn't make it to court even. The courts are turning around with custody. Technically, my ex should be paying me child support, but I told them to put all that on hold - she can't even take care of herself.

ok im gonna tell u somethang,i dont know u but i know wat u are talking about bc once apon a time i was just like ur wife but also i was takin alot of **** frm my husband he put me though prue hell,but i lefted him to show him i can do better then tha n we do have a dughter together named hailie i named her after eminems daughter but anywho i lefted him to show him tha i can leave n i wouldnt be worryed about leaving him n being lonely,so i lefted him he was sad n depssed for 2 months bc me n hes daughter was gone but i called him bc my mom had my daughter n wouldnt let me come home so yes we are back together but i do still always tell him he better not ever trun back into tha same guy tha he better keep treaing me right n puting me n hes daughter 1st bc if he dont then im gone n he also told me back in the day tha i couldnt ever find a other guy just bc i was a mommy to a 2month old bbygirl will i showed him wrong about tha to but also i do call him my husband bc we have been off n on for 4yrs now n then when we got back together the 2 time my mom kicked me out so i moved in w him thats when i got pergo but all im trying to say is leave in make her prove to u tha she loves u,n if she really dose love u then she will do it....

OK. First of all its females like you that make good women get treated bad by guys like me. You don't know what punctuation is and sport your GED (if you even have that) proud as can be. You're lucky to have a guy that puts up with your garbage ***. Hopefully you'll die before him so he can be happy you piece of ****.

see i m going thow the same thing with my husband and i dont now what to do like i wanna leave him but thay i m scard that i going to loses him forever it a wierd feeling ps best luck if you find the anser b4 me like me now thanks

Man, I feel for you. A lot of women tend to freeze in their maturity level at around thirteen years old. That type of girl will respect you less and less the more you do for them.They will spew the most hateful riduculous BS at you because they know you won't hit them. And they will never do anything but take, never give. It's an emotional and financial black hole you will never be rid of until you GTFO.

I agree with the gent's comment above. I am going through a separation with my wife of 3 years with no kids in our marriage..and basically my wife had "Depression" which made her want to simply leave me one day with out any notice at all. <br />
<br />
It's been 9 weeks with out her thus far and she is coming back next Tuesday but I can tell you I did just fine with out fact I found her to be too much of a little girl then a woman...I think time away is key.....I sent my wife to get the best treatment which cost me $24,000 cash - but that's okay - I don't care about the money -- but I think that in my case I married someone who just showed me how weak she is - - same boat as you - sex to my wife is a burden - - and I am in good shape. <br />
<br />
Who needs this ****? If you are over weight - get on this diet:<br />
<br />
Breakfast - strawberries or blue berries and egg white (hard boiled).<br />
<br />
Lunch - Pork N Beans or Turkey Cold Cuts with non fat condoments <br />
<br />
Dinner - Turkey Burgers, Bison Burgers, Salmon, or something that has high protein and less fat.<br />
<br />
for snacks eat Alvacados and Trail Mix that has low sugar per serving.<br />
<br />
Cut out as much sugar as possible. <br />
<br />
Buy the Acai Berry Juice at Wal Mart for $6 bucks a bottle.<br />
<br />
At night time before going to bed - eat a mango - mangos attack cellulose and you have to eat them on an empty stomach around midnight or late night for you to feel the effects. <br />
<br />
Do sit ups and push ups - starting with 10 push ups and 20 situps EACH DAY for 2 weeks straight.<br />
<br />
You will shed 5 pounds in 2 weeks's a start. Don't drink any booze - it's just sugar and will make your weight problem worse.<br />
<br />
I think good husbands should not take any more bullshit from their wifes. We have enough stress in our lives and if the woman you love does not support you - I say let them go their seperate paths - - but take time away first to determine if you can be alone - - which many people can't do....<br />
<br />
Best of luck to you....

You need to walk away my friend, I am not saying forever but the two of you need go your separate ways for awhile. You got so much hate built up that seeing each other just reminds of that and your both mentally keeping score against each other. She definitely seems to be acting out of spite towards you and there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO to fix that, you need to hit the lonely road for awhile and recenter yourself. It's tough, but nothing good can come from hanging around her and her family.