I Can't Stand My Wife

My wife is a total control freak who has to get her way about everything. I should have seen it before we ever got married she had to stay close to her family so I agreed to move to the middle of no where in Virgina. I feel as if she tricked me into marring her before we married I would drive an hour to her house and we would watch football now I cant even watch sports center without her throwing a fit and us blowing up at eachother I hate her so much it is killing me but we have a baby on the way and now because I moved to this place I have no job I feel stuck and My hatred for her grows daily it is getting to the point I hope she dies while giving birth so me and the baby can live control free.
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2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

The fact remains is that you are not happy. Either you continue to let her have her way, and continually be unhappy or speak up for yourself, give her an ultimatum; either seek counselling or divorce. When you love a person you don't ever try to control them. It's all give and take, and making each other happy. To be honest a hissy fit over you watching football is absolutely pathetic. Most guys have they're thing, as do most woman. My hub thing; is gym. watching/ playing football for the local area and sometimes night's out with the guys. We have us time. Family time (with kids.) His own time. My own time. <br />
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You need to address this now before it gets any worse. She sounds way too controlling, everything is about what she wants. A relationship should never be one sided. It just doesn't work that way. <br />
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Wishing her dead is not the way. As much as you loathe her, you are grasping at new lows. It's not a healthy way of thinking. Don't let her bring you so far down. <br />
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Start pursuing new hobbies and encourage her to do the same. Being pregnant is not an excuse for her behavior, if ever she tries to go that route.<br />
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Good luck to you. Stand your ground. I think in doing that, it will open her eyes that your not going to stand for her bullying. As in the end. That is what it is.

All the control chain that she has around you, is all in your mind. Break free. One by one. Ignore her commands. She will scream and yell and do whatever. But set your boundary. You will have to be consistent and persevere. I was there where you are now. The more you give in, the more she will try to control you. The first time you pushback, it will be very hard. You will get the silent treatment. Bear it. Have a nice time during the silent treatment. Develop a hobby, get your friend circle. I did all that, and over the years things have gotten better and these days she respects me more.