My Wife Loves Someone Else

Hi friends. I have a true story which I like to share with you all. I am married for the last 25 years and this story revolves back to the fourth or fifth year of our marriage life. I and my wife were having a very bad time during that time and had been quarrelling almost all these period. There had been no peace at all in our conjugal life. At that moment, a handsome bachelor, who was one of our tenants, extended his full supportive hands to my wife. He soothed her as and when necessary and gave her good advises. Little by little, my wife felt a crush for him and at one stage they both fell in love. My wife often went to his house after I left for work and spent lots of her time. Initially, I did not have a single clue of this matter first...but slowly she started to greatly admire of him...even in my presence.  After about one month, she told me one night that she has by accidently seen his manhood and it is much much bigger then mine. Once, during sleep she even mentioned his name and whispered lots of loving words of him declaring that she loves him very much and wants to marry him leaving me away. She also admitted to me that her present lover is able to satisfy her emotional and sexual desires which I can not. I therefore, decided to keep an eye on her. One day after this incident, I retuned from work much earlier and kept myself hidden in a safe place. My wife’s lover worked in the World bank in a top ranking position. After hidding and waiting for an hour, I have noticed that he came back to his house and before getting in, put a glimpse upstairs where my wife had been waiting for his signal. They smiled at each other sweetly and he went to his room. After about twenty minutes my wife came down, went inside his room and he closed the door. I looked through a key hole and could find a wonderful vision. They embressed each other and kissed passionately on their lips and made a very jubilant love for about a full hour. I saw the whole occurance but till date, did not reveal it to my wife that I saw her making it with her lover. But it appeared to me that this realtionship is not going to end and I can foresee that she is seriousy thinking to enter into a long time relationship with that man ….Does any of my friends have same types of experience?? Appreciate your valued comments please....
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what are you going to do ? either become a cuck or get divorced.

You have a great wife

I am surprised and salute you also that you still are living with her who is having sex with one of her friend. If you read my story then I expect your reaction as soon as possible. I just noticed one thing that you are married for last 25 years so i 'll say don't go for divorce. I know this is very hard to live with her. <br />
I think this something which we never think of. One more thing i want to know that why u quarrelled in your beginning years. <br />
<br />

Thanks for your comments buddies. You will agree with me that the majority of the husbands relish on voyerism. I may directly confront this matter to my wife but worried to take the challenge since she loves the man and prepared to leave me and marry him. You have read from my story that their illicit affair has been continuing for quite a long time and I am sure that by now both have set their upcoming plan also. I can strongly feel that my wife’s lover is getting some extra pleasure and satisfaction from my wife which probably his wife is not able to provide him. Now the question arises whether I should leave the situation as it is or go for the divorce. In case I decide to remain alone for the rest of the life that will be perfectly fine. But if I choose to go for a succeeding women who knows if the same obsession will not repeat again ?? Appreciate your valued suggestions please……

It sounds like you do enjoy the voyeurism. I'm not knocking it, or anything, but you don't seem really angry about the infidelity, more like someone who has a discovered a new fetish.

You should divorce, unless you enjoy this experience.