Pulling You Down...

I'm 48, got married in 98. How much I've learned.

Now, a quick story from this morning. I never did much in the way of exercise, but was naturally lean. That of course goes away in marriage, and a few years ago I took up weight training. "Why?" she asks, after ceaseless comments about my "beer belly." She thinks it's for another woman (and someday it may well be). You can guess her diet and exercise habits.

So after being stuck for a while losing weight I made a few adjustments in diet and sleep, both of which she fights me on. Weighed myself yesterday, found I'd lost over 4 lbs in two weeks thanks to those adjustments. No words of congratulation from her. This morning she comes raging into the kitchen while I'm eating breakfast, one snark after another. I don't take her seriously at all anymore, don't bother arguing any point because it is never about whatever she says it's about. Eventually she gives up or I walk away.

Sitting here at work, it just dawned on me that this morning's pissy mood goes straight back to last night, and announcing that, doing things my way, I was succeeding. And she, doing things her way, is not only sinking lower, but trying to pull me down with her.

Just another day in the life.
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2 Responses Sep 2, 2010

First off, I want to congratulate you, on those 4 pounds. :) Secondly, I'll pray for you because I know what it's like, being in a relationship like that. Someone is always on your rear end harping, moaning, and bitching.

I am so sorry for your pain. Stay true to yourself, my friend.