Fat Wives Suck.

Brother let me tell you, it’s every excuse in the book for my wife to stay fat.

I can’t lose weight after having three kids.
My back hurts.
My knee hurts.
My thyroid isn’t working correctly. (Although she has had it checked 3-4 times in the last 10 years and it is functioning normally)
I don’t have any time because of the kids.
I am too tired.
It's to hot/cold outside.

If it’s not excusing to staying fat, it’s lulling herself in to a false reality that she is actually not as fat as she really is.

I am in pretty good shape compared to her (her being a nasty morbidly obese friend of hers.)
I still have good muscle tone.
I eat healthy.
I am in decent shape.
Blah, blah, blah………. Give me a freaking break.

Now I have gone to almost extreme lengths to provide her with the time and facilities to exercise. There is an $800 treadmill in my basement that doubles as a clothes rack and I have told her to join a gym. I have offered to watch the kids every evening and on weekends to giver time to work out. Does she capitalize on any of these opportunities, NO she doesn’t. She just lies on the couch and complains about how tired she is. You have to get up and force youself to make a change.

You have to find the time. I wake up at 5 am to go to the gym 4 days a week, and then I come home, make kids lunches for school, bring her majesty coffee in bed, then go to work. At work I run 3-5 miles three times a week during lunch. I pack my lunch and eat at my desk to give me the time to run. Make time, figure something out, stop with the negative attitude, and do something about you weight. You only have one person to blame and that is you, so stop blaming me, the kids, society, or some thin actress because she doesn’t look like a real woman. (Why the hell to women look at famous models and actress and just blast them with insults? I don't look at famous guys and think, what an ******* for being in such good shape. WTF?)

The moral of the story is you can’t change anyone. Seriously, you can’t change ANYONE, even if you are married to them. If you smoke, only you can quit. If you drink too much, only you can stop. If you are fat, only you can lose the weight. No one can do it for you and no one can change your attitude.

All you men out there with fat wives, stop trying to change them. If they are fat it’s their problem not yours. Your only problem is you are stuck banging a fat woman for the rest of your life, if she lets you bang her at all. There is nothing the social castration of marriage to suck the life out of a man. You wife won’t have sex with you, but you can’t have sex with other women because you are married and it’s socially unacceptable. You can’t expect or demand you wife to have sex with you because she is a woman, and a woman has a right to say no even to her husband. Expecting you wife to have sex with you is socially unacceptable. (Thanks Oprah and Dr. Phil for that little slice of bullshit.) So you are stuck, socially castrated and your sex life is over before you turned 40. If you wife decides to have sex (every 2-3 months) you have to grit you teeth and bang a fat woman.

Marriage, what a joke.
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Here's a reality check for you... she's fat/slovenly/lazy (ie depressed beyond hope, at the moment) because you don't love her.

She knows you don't love her.

So why should she try? It's a living nightmare, to stay alive instead of killing herself. She lives the death she wishes for herself... being unhealthy doesn't matter because she doesn't care if she lives or dies. Sex doesn't matter either, because she loves you despite yourself... and hates herself for not being loveable. She has no idea it's your fault. She blames herself... she's not good enough for you to have sex with, in her own mind. She's not good enough for you to love, in her own mind. In her mind, she's thinking that it's better for you to be away from her... to push her away, because she's not worthy of you. She hates herself (and thus, any part of herself or worth.)

That's your fault. ONLY your fault. You don't love her. You never did. Her subconscience knows it, even if her mind doesn't recognize it yet.

Ready for the truth......
She doesn't love or respect you. The problem is - SHE, is not aware of this. Discontentment can exhibit itself in many dis functional ways. When Children are involved some parents will tolerate almost anything to maintain Family security.

When there is chemistry between couples, they naturally want to satisfy the needs of their partner. They want to be desired and the giving and receiving of pleasure is mutual.

You are correct......YOU cannot change Her. Be open to your own insecurities and fears, You are in this situation for a reason....the answer unfortunately is in the subconscious of both of you.

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I personally like a thick fat woman with a curvy shape . Big fat thighs(drool) but if she looks like Danny Devito that is not good. If your wife is obese it would be good for her and her kids to try to lose some weight and eat better . And maybe she will get more attractive and leave you anyways.

I hate to say it but my Mom has turned into one of those obese nags for a wife.I seriously feel sorry for my Dad because now he is stuck with a totally dependent obese nag for a wife.
I think women should be able to take care of themselves.
Frankly if you can't that means your basically the same as a child not an adult.

I'm going threw the same thing

There is no excuse for being over weight. I think that men or women that do it don't care the least for their spouse. NOBODY wants to sleep with or watch a porker that can't stop shoveling food into their mouths and is OBESE. Show your spouse what he/she married and stop being a lazy food stuffing porker. Good grief !!!

I totally agree and I am a woman who eats moderately and exercises moderately, and through two pregnancies tried to take all fats, sugars, and junk food snacks out of my diet. My doctor told me that women who gain a normal amount of pregnancy weight generally have easier deliveries with less stress to their babies if they aren't carrying a bunch of extra weight. He said, "Just don't put one thing in your mouth that isn't good for you. I worked and exercised rather briskly (aerobics, long fast walks) through both pregnancies. In pregnancy 1, I had severe nausea and lost seven pounds during the first trimester, and so had a net weight gain of 12 pounds and gave birth to a 7.3 pound baby. Since he breast fed for a year, I lost another ten pounds during his first year. The second pregnancy, I was seven years older and I had to really limit my food intake, or the kinds of food I ate, because my body kept a sluggish metabolism, unlike the first pregnancy, so I found myself eating a lot of carrots and drinking a lot of V8s. In pregnancy 2, I gained 17 pounds, and gave birth to a 6.7 lb baby, and this time, breast feeding did not speed up my metabolism, it slowed it down. Both babies were exclusively breast fed for 5 months before taking solid foods and continued to nurse until they stopped on their own. Baby #2 fed voraciously from the breast every 2-3 hours for 7 months, and did not give it up until he was 14 months old. For the first year after my 2nd pregnancy, I carried an extra ten pounds even though I did not over eat. My body just seemed to want to carry 10 more pounds, because I was working full time after 5 months, exercising, and busily raising and supplying food for an infant and caring for a seven year old. When second baby ceased nursing, the last 10 pounds fell off in a matter of weeks, and that was my normal adult weight for the next 30 years--between 130 and 135 pounds at 5'7," i.e. a size eight or 10. I am really disrespectful of women who use pregnancies and more pregnancies as an excuse to let themselves go. One friend said, " well you know you're going to get fat anyway, and you feel so tired and overwhelmed with the other babies or toddlers that you just reward yourself with cherry cheesecake." To me it is a terribly cruel "bait and switch" method of working to be slim to be attractive enough to land a great, and great looking husband, and once you have secured him with the blue line on a urine-stained stick, you're home free and will never have to diet again. So women just allow themselves to get Wal-Mart Photo huge, have a baby probably by C-section due to obesity or pregnancy diabetes, have the baby, be exhausted nursing the baby and caring for the others, being sleep deprived, and being depressed that they are so fat that they eat more "comfort food" to help with the depression. And husbands look back at their honeymoon pictures 8 years ago and now have ZERO physical attraction to those once-nicely-shaped women they are now stuck with. To blame obesity on pregnancy is just a lie.Also, women do NOT need to punish themselves with massive work at the gym post pregnancy. Studies have shown that weight loss in women is and always has been mostly achieved not even with ANY punishment; just reduce the amount of food you eat through portion control, reduce carbs, fats, and sugars, fill up on lean proteins and plenty of fruits and vegetables as close to their natural state as possible, and get some calories burned with some kind of exercise at least 4 times a week.A woman who has just gone through nine months of pregnancy, several or all of which were less than comfortable, Heaven knows how many hours of labor, several weeks of soreness in the nipples and the cervical or vaginal tissues which may have been cut or torn, and which are made more difficult due to bleeding, severe cramping as the uterus regains its former shape--a baby sucking on your nipples, torn tissue in a place that is constantly wet and sat on, big contractions for weeks every time the baby breast feeds and no painkillers for any of it because you can't feed the baby your painkillers: this all REALLY REALLY HURTS, AND INTERCOURSE HURTS!--Well, this woman should not feel the need to punish herself with starvation and heavy exercise. She and her husband should be enjoying their family, because this is a really sweet time even though lots of it is hard, and should share the duties of shopping and cooking meals that are good for the whole family, and she should enjoy the wonderful exercises of daily swims or brisk stroller walks. Just be healthy, concentrate on what is fun (swimming or walking or bike riding with your family is always fun; so is preparing some baked chicken, a salad, a steamed vegetable, and some yogurt for dessert; so is enjoying a glass of wine together a couple of nights a week; so is just snuggling with your baby and toddlers and pets for a sweet, slow and easy part of each day.)
Space 1999, I am in total agreement with you except for the exercise machines, which I would never force on anybody, but that's because I find them punishing whereas I adore regular and all-in bike rides, brisk walks, pool exercise, fishing, horseback riding, roller skating, cooking, gardening both by myself and as a family. I think women who use pregnancy as an excuse to be and stay FAT (you've got to cut her a break and allow her a year to be a little bit plump, because if she's breast feeding, the baby is more in charge of her appetite, energy, hormones, and metabolism than she is) are like cheaters (not marital cheaters, but like used car salesmen, lawyers, politicians, kids taking tests or playing a sport on the field). The person who made her vows to you has so little respect for those vows, or for herself, or for you, or all of these, that she isn't even the same person she was, which definitely assures that you aren't the same person you were (You hate her). It's grounds for divorce if you ask me, unless some major illness is involved. These things should be negotiated before babies get made. A husband shouldn't be just a bystander to his wife's pregnancy. Men should inform themselves and if necessary, be the enforcers if the OB/GYNs will not: "Don't put anything into your mouth that isn't good for you, and for the sake of your delivery and your recovery over the following year, just be really careful with your weight, since for 99% of healthy pregnancies, there is absolutely no reason why the mother should gain more than 25 -35 pounds." It's a mother and child health issue, it's a physical AND mental health issue, it's a MARITAL health issue.


I have the opposite problem. Im a 41-yr old working woman, 5'4", 110 lbs, and my husband is overweight and has gotten diabetes and high cholesterol. He is now virtually impotent. Should I leave him?!

It depends on your whole life, whether you have kids, how old they are, what the economic impact would be to you, would you be homeless, would you have to pay him alimony, are you two the only ones that this would affect, would he be entitled to your pension, health insurance, etc? Is this the only thing wrong or one of many things wrong? Would he be willing to see a therapist with you, a real doctor who could refer you to dietitians, nutritionists? Is he willing to try to lose weight if you two took up some activities with each other, like walking fast, playing a sport, joining a gym, shopping and cooking with you? Has he been medically checked for a health problem which could contribute to weight gain? Do you two love each other, or do you like each other enough to explore whether the love could be re-kindled? Is he depressed? Would he get mean and nasty in a divorce? Do you have family members who could help you with the meanness and despair that come with divorce, and the impoverished, alone life afterwards, possibly without the home you've created?something happened to make this man change his life course. Is he willing to do the work to go back to that inciting incident and begin to heal himself in a constructive active way as opposed to clinging to passive inertia? Could you help him face what caused this change in him, and work with him to help him discover his joy in life. Is he willing to try? If he's willing to try, I would give the marriage a chance even though it will take effort. If he's not willing to try, and you can see yourself building a happy, quality life without him, then I would say he's already left you and if you can stand the hell of a divorce and beginning your life maybe in a different place with your income diminished, then I think, yes, give yourself the chance at happiness, especially if a divorce would not bring pain to children.

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I really bad for you and your situation.
I’m a very driven individual, BUT, I did the EXACT same thing when I was married 6 years ago. I’m 5’7 and on my wedding day weighed 135 lbs. My husband and I certainly had our issues. Over the course of a year I gained 45 lbs (It was horrendous). Prior to that I was VERY active, had a lot of interests, and ate a clean diet. I don’t have kids, since I will always be married to my career. But there were some significant stressors that lead me to pile on weight quickly. Fortunately for me, none of these were medical. However, a year later I hit burn out from work and his selfishness. He had been cheating on me long before we were married, I later found out and a year after we were married, we divorced. I fell into a deep depression and the weight kept piling on until I was 210 lbs. All the while I was gaining and didn’t care enough about myself to do anything about it. I took a look at my life and was mortified! One day I woke up and made a decision for me. Not anyone else, but for me. I didn’t do it to be attractive; and I didn’t do it because I thought it would get me generally further in life. I did it for me and for my health. I took baby steps, I didn’t jump in all at once, but I ensured that exercise was always a bit difficult. Anything that went into my body had to be unprocessed and contained little to no sugar. I drank only black coffee and water. I watched my portion sizes and ensured that I was eating FREQUENTLY. I was never hungry and it was always healthy. Though if I did indulge it was always a “small” or one serving of whatever I was indulging in. Food, good food with micronutrients will fix the “tired” issue but not overnight. It makes you feel good and you want to do more because of how you feel. Weight loss is a pleasant side effect of a healthy diet. You start dressing differently and you want to do things. How does this relate to your situation? I would say you need to have a frank conversation with her. Not in an “I can’t stand you, you’re so fat” kind of conversation. But rather, a conversation about where you two see yourselves in the next few years together. What do you want to do with your life and what are the activities that you want to try. What is your five year plan together? She may have issues with you that you’re completely unaware of. Spending your time playing video games is a great way to waste your life. You need to ask yourself as well what you want in life and out of a relationship. I’m going to assume that working yourself into exhaustion to support in game purchases and ramen noodles isn’t it. It’s your life too! If you can’t find a compromise and both make steps toward positive changes, then it may be time to separate. I can’t imagine living life and constantly be stressed and unhappy.

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I totally get where you are coming from except for the fact that I am completely turned off by having sex with a fat woman. All you fatties out there can get laid as often as you like by dudes with boobs. I am hardly ripped but I am active all day long, lifting and physically working. My wife lives on "Second Life" and spends every waking hour doing it. She is easily 70 pounds heavier than when we married and does nothing around the house. I cook, clean, do laundry and work my *** off 84 hours every two weeks at my primary job and work at least 40 hours a week at a second job. She ****** and moans about retirement at 55 because she is "tired". She ******* that I am not sexually attracted to her but won't lift a finger to try and change that. We don`t have kids because she had "medical limits" and I stopped wanting to have kids with her after she refused to take her health seriously. Type II diabetic, eats ramen noodles any chance she gets, goes into great detail about her bowel issues when ever she wants. I loved her once. I thought she was smart and driven but now she looks like a lame turd. I want to love her again if she would change but there appears to be no chance of that because anytime I bring up her behavior she accuses me of bullying her.

My name is Diane

Rude how about fat husbands

My husbaned cheated on me several times when I go to work . He likes thinner attractive women. He feels that everything is my fault . And he would rather be a younger , thinner woman iwho is more attractive ..

my husband is leaving me for some ugly fat american bleached blonde woman, the fact is why he is leaving for some ugly fat woman but I let him leave me and I get new handsome american men

I did not know what Lionel Richie was singing about in the 80's...Once , twice, three times the lady.....I am married to a 3x, not sex wise, dress size. Oh yeah, spotted a 4x the other day, oh joy...packing over 325 pounds now. Tried everything.
A friend says you cannot reason with a drunk, why do you think you can persuade or reason with a grazer? Moo.
Maybe we will hit 400 # this year. Go team.

Do you sad sack mean really think Tina is what she claims to be? No, She is a money grubber playing on your insecurities.

As a wife of an insecure man he had an affair over his size, i can tell yo uthe pain of an affair is excruciating. No matter what you choose to do, go or stay, do not cheat. It was devastating for me.

Who is Tina?

Who is Tina?


Misery loves company and I came here to get some company. I hate that my wife became so fat over the 8 years that we have been together. When we met, she was in shape and was so full of life. We worked out together and of course, had many other things that we loved doing together. After the first year, I could feel her letting go. I thought it was our relationship ending so we talked and she assured me that she wanted to be with me. As time passed, she put on more and more weight. I'm a big eater ant over 250 pounds...but I have 12% body fat. Think of the Rock only i'm about 3 inches shorter and not as handsome. Anyway, long story short, she's now about 70 pounds heavier and our sex life doesn't exist...her sex drive is gone and seemingly so is her desire to do anything to change her unhealthy ways. I'm miserable and it's depressing to think that things will never change. Yes...we have talked many times during every year that we have been together and nothing changes.

Haha me too
My wife of 25 years has blossomed t a size 20. I was a waist 30, now a 32-34 at the most
No enthusiasm & sex possible in one position great xxxxxxx love it
Not right, but. Girl at gym, 9 years older thAn my wife, 4 years older than I, is mega
Loving & being together so nice, beats being with a lump, sorry
So do I go or stay ?????

While noble ; deferring to
Your wife -what you are describing is slavery- not marriage.
If what you are saying is true; and she has checked out - she has done her duty and now enslaves you- too bad she is so wrong.
Respectfully- Oprah and Dr Phil while talented people - are wrong in this area
Listening to low level authority always has its disadvantages.
The Bible is very clear- she has duties to you too.
Not only physical but also emotional happiness.
Start your own search - and hopefully she will join you.
You will Both be so much happier
God Bless You Guys
Never Quit - that goes for her too.

Divorce her or stop whining you big *****.

I've read a lot of comments. I am young. 23 male. My girl is the same age. Few months older. We have a 3 year old son. When we met, in 2009, of course we both were smaller. I was about 160 - 165. A skinny one though, because she still talks about how I was so skinny. She, about 140. I weightlifted a lot in high school, so that athletic frame stayed with me. Year later we had a baby. She peaked at 202 pounds. I still remember her last weigh in before the baby. Fast forward to 2014. She is about 170 - 175. I am about 185. But man oh man, do we both wear our new weight differently. Like i said I weightlifted a lot in HS. So this extra 20 pounds I have, since our son, looks very regular on me. Most people that havent seen me in a while ask have I been working out. No, but like I said, weightlifting and HS football did me well. Her on the other hand...Her entire body, minus her stomach now, has gained the few extra pounds. Totally understandable, I can deal with that. NOW WHAT I CANT DEAL WITH IS THIS HUGH SLAB OF ROAST BEEF BELOW HER **** THAT HAS TO BE "TUCKED" INTO HER TIGHTS AND PANTS WHEN SHE PUTS ON CLOTHES!! TRYING TO LOOK NICE FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION?? BRING OUT THE HEAVY DUTY GIRDLE!!! SHE PUTS THAT **** ON AND I SWEAR SHE'S GONNA PASS OUT!!! BETWEEN THE ACTUAL TIGHTNESS OF THE GIRDLE, AND HOW MUCH BELLY FAT IT ACTUALLLY HAS TO PUSH IN AND HIDE, I COULD CRY!!! Now I love my girl SOOO MUCH that I actually want to marry her. She is wonderful. Great personality, smart, funny, we get along great. And she has a very pretty face. BUT C'MON! WE HAD THAT CHILD ALMOST 4 YEARS AGO!! THAT BELLY SHOULD'VE BEEN GONE 3 YEARS AGO!! I find myself being more attracted to other women! We have talked, had arguments, and almost broken up over this, cuz I've tried to express my feelings in every way possible. First nice, to be respectful of her feelings. And then mean, cuz she doesnt listen when I am nice about it!!! My heart somewhere my **** is totally not. And Im young. If I marry her, I feel i will have to deal with this roast beef for the rest of my life. I ****** up alot in my younger years, but for the past couple, I've been working 2 jobs and going to school. But I fear getting myself into this mess, may be my worst **** up yet!

At night when she's sleeping she pulls the cover over it so I wont see. Put I pull it back. When she is laying on her side, her stomach extends a full 7-8 inches in front. I measured it! I challenge any woman to lay on her side, get a tape measure, and extend it 7 inches in front of your stomach! That a lot of fat!!! So I do that math, if she weighed 140 when we met and she's 170 now, thats 30 pounds. Divide that in half u got 15. Now one 15 is distributed through out her whole body. That other 15, PURE GUT!!! 15 LARD POUNDS OF PURE GUT!!! And she only 5'3"

Now Im gonna go shower and go to class, to see pretty women, whom I know some have kids, more than one I might add, and they dont have a gut like that! Also watched maury while i typed this. The woman was complaining that her man started cheating after she gained weight....but she had lost weight, and thought he started cheating again. Man took that lie detector, passed with FLYING COLORS!!! Proof no man wants a woman with a pot roast for a stomach!

Same here. Dont know where to turn.

Boom! Nailed it. Biggest mistake of my life. I married the wrong person. She's up five pounds a year for 11 years running with no ability or will to change. Marriage, what a bleepin joke.

I completely understand you help2005 and of course the post by space1999.
I am married to someone who used to win beauty pageants as recently as 6 years ago (when she was 29) but now she's just an ugly overweight frump that I cannot stand...
And like space1999's missus: she blames everyone and everything for her unattractive 'condition' including on old time favorite and total MYTH: the birth control pill (which she last took in 2011 anyway).
I have a tendency myself to easily gain weight, but unlike these fat wives of ours, I keep an eye on it. I don't care what my wife or what others perceive me as, I MYSELF like to see an attractive, toned man staring back at me whenever I look at him in the mirror.
It just totally baffles me why she and other obese wives cannot adopt the same philosophy - I always thought women were generally a lot more vain than us men could ever be... Not so!

lazy, thats the problem. After women get married they think, ok i got him trapped now i can sit down and eat bon bons. ha ha My moms friend got divorced and she was a cow then suddenly she lost about 70 lbs and started looking for another man. I am sure that after she hooks another one she will turn back into a cow and stuff her face again.

Probably, yeah. But what you've just described about your mom's friend proves one thing which I've always insisted: It IS their fault and therefore they CAN do something about it if they want to.
Thanks tina...

I would not want a guy with a six pack to get a big beer belly after he married me, **** that would suck. So I know guys wake up with a cute slim girl that is hot so he wants her badly all the time and can't stop thinking about her. So i think staying in shape is the way a woman should take care of her man ...!!!! period

tina, yes and that's what makes it even more disappointing for me. I still weigh the same as I did the day we first met (+/- maybe 2 lbs). I have a little more grey hair, but apart from that I have TRIED to maintain my looks as best I can.
She by contrast, just let herself rapidly deteriorate from someone who only six years ago, won a beauty pageant to a fat, sexless frump that I cannot even look at anymore, never mind have sex!

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I agree with the posts that say that your wife should try her best to stay healthy. Kids should not be an excuse. I know many women who had lost the baby fat in less than a year. I think that if you love your man, you should try your greatest to stay healthy and show him affection and positivity every day. Women need to understand that men connect best with their partners during sex, just like how women believe that they themselves need their emotional needs (because it is important) satisfied by a man. The largest problem with being at an unhealthy weight (according to men) is that the woman loses her confidence in her appearance and her sex drive. I'm not saying that you should divorce your wife immediately after she gains 40 lbs. What you should do is try to motivate your wife, if you do love her, and bring her into therapy and health classes. And men, don't whine about your fat unattractive wives if you are also considered fat or overweight with a beer belly equivalent to the size of a pregnant woman's 7 month old baby bump.

It seems that women always think that a man should understand and deal with it, bullshit. I am female and i stay fit. I intend to stay fit and i understand why a man does not want to F*** a fat woman, its gross. Globbys, rolls, dimples, uggg..... Lost weight women and if you cut off your man from sex i hope i find him.

Physically fit, trashy, and a hint of ****? That is definitely every mans dream!

Thank you tinatina55... It's a shame that only a tiny fraction of women share your PROPER / NORMAL attitude and worldview.
Whether those indoctrinated, deluded feminists (who promote 'fat acceptance') like it or not: Men are attracted to what they see and what they see is on the OUTSIDE (of the body)... BBW [Big Beautiful Woman]. What bullshit! That phrase is in fact the perfect paradox!
PS: I hope you find me!

whats the difference between an elephant and a dyke with a flannel shirt????

about 50 lbs.....

tina, is it really THAT much? LOL!

That's why us dykes prefer to have the company of a woman, because we don't criticized by you narcissistic men

Well you don't have a lot of choices anyway.

This is the "I hate my fat wife" blog. You need to remove your cruel post and attach it to an " I hate lesbians" thread.

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I should have seen the red flags but ignored them because I was never in a relationship that I thought was this good at the start. I'm not into blondes and she was a blonde. I tried to push that out of my mind. We had several break ups over dumb things. Not like anyone cheating on another, just she'd nick pick about things to me. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs and she didn't either. She was younger then me by a few years. We weren't suppose to get married but she rushed it when we should have been broken up completely. 6 months before the wedding, she said she wanted to lose 50 lbs to get into a nicer dress. it was then that I noticed her breasts and waist. She has an H cup bra size which to me is simply gross. her face, arms, stomach, entire body is a blob. If you saw what she looked like a decade ago, she got free food, coffee, gas at the gas station and looked like a legit model. now if she was dating someone else and I didn't know her, I'd feel sorry and embarassed for that guy. I agree with that guy about the sex comment. I'd rarely to never touch her at all. Especially sex. I'd rather meet other girls for a one night stand or see a ton of **** then give this fat *** a kid. When I looked at photos and videos of what I was like before I knew her and during 6 month long break ups, my life with my family was great. I had everything going well and no debt. This pig I married spent over 900 dollars on kick boxing classes and never went. She had 2 gym memberships and never went. She bought weights and other things but never used them. She just lays on her broken down couch with her ugly *** pets that vomit on the couch and give off sand fleas, and she just moans and says, "I'm sooooo tired...." She buys hundreds of dollars on veggies only to see them rot every week. She buys expensive blenders and never ever uses them. She has tossed the same clothes around filled with dirt, dust, her hair and pet hair and lets it sit there for MONTHS and never cleans. I offer to do it but she flips out that I touch her clothes. Seeing her bra hang up in the bathroom makes me want to actually kill myself for real. I see women daily where I go and I'm a A-C cup fan and I don't care if she's 100 lbs-150 but my fugly wife is over 200 lbs and it's so gross especially with those huge ugly breasts and tiny nips that couldn't breast feed a field mouse. You could think a pimple is a nip during forplay easily. I find it funny when her ex's contact her while shes married to me because i personally could care less. My wife is like the women on plenty of fish. THey look thin in pics of their face but if you see them in person, you'd run, change your voice and pretend you're not from this country. I'll never give this cow any kids and I've been told by my entire family to divorce her already. I'm working on that in 2014. Working on my plan what she did to me first... The women out there that I see I like a lot more because I learned the hard way that if you date a woman and she's thin and young but her family is fat, especially the women in her family, then she'll turn into an elephant too. It's in the genes. Geez I look at old women in their 50's-70's and think, man at least they're still average to thin. But this one... man, no one in the world would marry her. I sent a pic of her before and after and made it a pic and showed it to a friend of mine and he was like, "dammmmn... what the hell happened to her?" lol This pig wants a brat but not a house and she has NO money. Yeah... and you wonder how could some people do such terrible things to others in the news daily? This is the prelude that leads to such terrible decisions. Bottom line- date a small breasted woman and make sure her mom and sisters r thin too. Otherwise stay single. Who cares of her color of her skin, race, creed, religion. Worry about that later, as long as you can bang a woman you love that's thin and actually attractive.

Actually you are dead on the money. I walk through the malls and some women treat me mean because of how i look, their husbands stare at me, i just smile at them. Most of the older women that are married are tubs of lard and they put on makeup and buy the best clothes to look good but are fat. Comon ?!! A women does not have to look like a teenager all her life but as someone said on her, to gain 11 lbs a year is stupid. If you EXERCISE and control your eating some you can look good all your life. Also looking at her family is smart, if her mom is a tub of lard or crazy acting, watch out. Good advice. I worked out hard in high school in gymnastics and you can bounce a quarter off my ***. My goal is one lb per year in weight gain and hopefully its muscle. Besides if some guy tries to hurt me i can put it all behind my foot into his softies. ha ha

There is nothing wrong with a nice pair of big natural boobs. I am a natural 32G. I'm 5'4, 115 lbs, I'm petite, yet I'm curvy and have a bubble butt. My fiance worships me and I can't go anywhere without men and women hounding me. I blame this on my ethnicity. I'm half Mexican and half Irish, which is a very exotic look. Anyways, yes small breasts are nice, but I love my boobs! I've had two kids and my boobs are still full, bouncy and firm. My nipples are perfect. My body is still tight and amazing, no stretchmarks... not even a hint of childbirth ever taking place. I'm rambling. Anyways, I took the liberty of wasting two minutes of my life explaining how awesome I am because there is nothing wrong with having big boobs. You shouldn't advise men to only date women with small boobs. It's small women like myself with large breasts that are actually wild in bed. I wouldn't trade them for a smaller pair if my life depended on it!

That really is soul-crushing, and I thought I had it bad. I broke up with my GF of 10 years a year ago and since then it was pretty sh*t (well, it was already crappy 2 years before that). I instinctively know what you've described about the family of your potential GF. I dated a girl for a short while and what put me off (not exclusively but it had its fair share) was the looks of her mother and sister (so different to her!). I like girls like you: thin smaller-breasted. Perhaps this is because I myself am 190cm/90kg (my ideal weight is 85kg, but I am also quite muscular) and if I "bred" with someone large, we would have huge offspring :-) But it's getting exceedingly difficult to date a thin girl as they are disappearing fast (even here in Middle Europe). Last Summer I had a flight through Heathrow and THAT was really painfull to look at the women there.

Good luck, but I suppose you have every right to fulfill your sexual needs (whatever that requires). This even looks like you should get a divorce.

Your writing has a wonderfully descriptive flair and I'm glad to see a blog that is written on such a taboo subject has gotten so many reasonable responses instead of just a string of obscenities people are yelling at each other. Your situation sounds unbearable and I know you can't reverse a horrible mistake you made 6 years ago, but 6 months before you married her, you saw that it would be a big mistake, so I am so troubled about why you married her! At any rate, it sounds like these problems are all her own and not caused by you or your relationship, so I don't see how a counselor would help, but I believe in vows, so I would give counseling a committed try, and I would certainly keep her on a tight budget so she could not get you in further debt. To me the filth is a symptom of the obesity which is a symptom of her depression which you are not causing. Just set a timeline in your mind and a route and a date and by which you are going to give yourself a shot at happiness, and share it with her, and if she won't agree to contribute or work towards her own happiness too, alongside you, then recognize that she has chosen to be miserable and would be miserable with or without you. This sadness and this filth, my a heavens this is not a third world country where poverty contributes to filth, and to starvation as well as obesity, and no one should have to live like this, and you don't either. If she won't work with you to change it, end it. Don't " do terrible things," above all! You don't want to end up life in prison because you acted on your revulsion to your fat filthy wife!

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Okay, let's say this guy starts to become obnoxious while in public on a regular basis to the point he embarrasses his wife every time they go into public. What should she do? Should she not say anything because she loves him and if he wants to change it is up to him? Lets say he owns up to his behavior and says he will try to change his behavior, but after a few months he goes back to his old self. Should the wife then say--well this is just who he is. I need to love him for he is is and not try to change him?

Good argument dannyjohn123

So...has SHE ever complained about her own weight? You haven't given any evidence for this. It sounds like only YOU are the one with a problem about it. Have you considered that she might be perfectly happy at the weight she is at? If she isn't doing anything about it, it must mean she feels content. You've led a horse to water, but the horse isn't thirsty, so it's not going to drink. I should think the answer to all of your questions would be totally obvious if you stopped to think about it from her point of view, and not your own selfish view of what she "should" be doing.

You are clearly a fat chick and don`t understand what it is like to be sold a bill of goods by both a woman who wants everything but it not prepared to offer everything. I will say this. There is enough data out there that tells you that smoking is bad for you, and mismatched HDL to LDL and that PCOS is essentially Type II diabetes for 90% of women with a BMI over 30. My advice to you tubby is to focus on the war on women that is holding you down. As a guy who married a beautiful woman who was smart, funny, educated and driven only to see her abandon OUR LIFE and PLANS to become a fat, self centered, lazy miscreant who is now the bane of my existence. She has the absolute gall to tell me to "quit picking on me" when all I ever say is "honey I am worried about your habits". I deserve a partner who cares for herself as much as she cares for me. What you, you fat piece of **** don't understand is that guys are as much attracted to women who execute on a plan and hold themselves accountable.

Happy people act happy or at least normal. They don't live on sofas infested with fleas and dog hair.