I Can't Stand My Wife Anymore

Here is the deal. I'm 29 my wife is 26. We'll be married for 5 years this September. I can't stand her anymore. When I was working for an multinational company I met her in Romania. We knew each other for almost a year, then we started dating We got married 4 months later. She does nothing but smoke cigarettes and talk on the phone with her family back in Romania. She acts like 5 year old. Yelling, screaming, and crying when she wants something, and she can be very selfish. For example when my mother was on her death bed (in the hospital days before her death), I was not thinking about anything else. She barged in the room (after smoking her 100th cigarette for the day), and told me she saw a house that she liked and told me that the guy had some bids and wanted me to act fast. I told her I didn't care about house shopping and she accused me of not caring about her feelings. When my mom finally died, I got a tattoo of her on my arm. She didn't want me getting it. She caused a really huge fight for days. She even fought with me about this the day I cremated my mother. I have to go to Romania 2 or 3 times a year, and live with her parents when I stay there. I hate it. But I stay in their apartment. She ******* everytime we go 2 hours away to visit my sister and my dad, and stay overnight. She limits the amount of time my family can come over the house we just bought. She doesn't like to have my family over when our friends are here. These are just a few things. I can't divorce her. 2 of the properties I own are in her name, I have some land under her sister's name. I would loose 1/2 a million if I tried to divorce her.
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My ex would pick fights over the silliest things, and would be insensitive about people watching or whether it is an appropriate moment. Putting your property in her name was your mistake. A lesson to be learned. Maybe she even knows that and will make your life hell (I have no doubt she can) until you give up your money to save your health. So start thinking seriously about divorce now that you can still think straight(-ish) and take measured action.

I'm married to an Israeli. She's just as bad, possibly much worse. Not a shred of empathy, compassion or sensitivity and she hates my entire family. What nightmare.. I'm on SSD and she's a well paid Dir. Admin. I'm stuck and I'm deadly unhappy. I can relate buddy! Getting married to her was a big mistake. She'd generous with me. But she's also 5' 5", 240 pounds and really horrible.

Christian husbands put their wives needs before their own. Grow up and love your wife. God doesn't say...love only when it "feel" good to you or only when she is just what "you" need...he commands you to love her even when she doesn't deserve it. Seems like you are not being a man. And if you don't like staying with her family, stop going there. Grow up and open a Bible. You are a Passive husband. And you both need to "leave and Cleave" google it.

I agree 100% with what you say. And too bad about the property -- you might try tricking her -- get her to start a business and tell her that she needs to redeed the property so she can't be touched personally if she goes bankrupt. Be assured down the road she will probably dump you if she gets another pigeon, so you might get half in the settlement. Just keep standing up for yourself and she will hate your guts but be careful, they usually have bad tempers and come from countries where they could care less if someone gets killed.

I too made the mistake of falling in love with a Croatian and it is just as you describe but with out the cigarettes -- you feel like you are with a spoiled brat 2 year old that has never emotionally matured and never will. You totally DO NOT MATTER IN THE EQUATION. Its hard to describe unless you have hooked up with one.

When I met the rest of the fam, they are the same -- immature, paranoid idiots who think you are not good enough for their 2 year old princess. Their parents act like Grandparents gushing all over them, calling them constantly and expecting you to spoil them too...and for your information usually have no respect for Canadians or Americans. We are at the bottom of their totem pole so when you visit them and they are talking in their foreign tongue...you know its about you and isn't good. In their opinion, they are a superior race, came to our country to help us stupid idiots make the country better as apparently we have no clue how to parent, feed our kids, cut our lawns and laugh because we stupidly pay our taxes. They can't wait to get back to good old...Romania or some other war torn country every chance they get because when you are emotionally 2, it really is too young to leave your parents home but like the money here.

Everything in the relationship is selfish, one sided right down to not wanting to spend time with my family or friends visit or even visit. If I do go by myself as I don't want to relinquish all ties with my family and friends, well then she is jealous and there is some form of spiteful revenge waiting for me on return. I have been doing this for 20 years and have had very little contact with my son and friends because it isn't worth the hassle. She doesn't want my only son in the house to stay over -he is even forbidden to use the bathroom upstairs. Nor will she spend the money for Xmas or birthday gifts even for me.....but do not let me or my son forget her birthday! SELFISH BEYOND SELFISH.

If the attention goes off these european spoiled brats for one minute (can't figure out if narcissistic, borderline or just plain spoiled brat personality disorder) they will act up. She might just leave the room, go to bed without saying a word, start crying, start walking home (2 hr. walk) - because I took too long inside at the ice cream stand -- and believe me if she says do it right now and you get some spine and don't --it then becomes "then take me right home screaming at the top of her lungs" in front of the public. Just like a 2 year old at the grocery store, she has no self control, nor sense of shame, and its always my fault if she loses it! Then the sulking goes for days.

She is heartless as well. You could be taking the family dog to the vet to put the pet down and she would be complaining that she might have to carry the leash, or make fun of you that you are crying and insist you be quiet. She will never crack a tear over anything except if you stand up to her nonsense -- then she goes back to a wounded 2.

Until you have had a European spoiled brat wife, you have no idea how hellish life can be. Your money is important but I think they create cancer with their behavior. Find a good plan and run forest run! Believe me she will tell her victim tale to some other sypathetic man -- and he will save the damsel in distress -- down the road he too will find out its a devil in a dress!

cooper I agree 100 percent!!! its all about the money for the them.

being raised in the military and married into it .

I saw that over and over again

yes human life is nothing to them

That sucks that women have the uper hand I'm a stay at home day I do it all and I still can't get " wow what a good job " all I get is bs ! I just think it women To be a pain in the azz ! Us men can do anything right ! And what's make me more crazy is when we do it u know sex she tells me make it fast I get soft and I walk away f her and I know I could find a younger lady that would rock me like I like to be rocked ! But what would it get me ! Us men can't Win

Hide your $$ and get the f out I'm looking to do the same but I have a child with the ****

you cant do anything but put up with it or you lose out. I would work quietly over time to get titles changed and money put away.

Hire a fixer, and extinguish this eurotrash.

WOWWWW hello everybody ..i'm Adina and i'm from Romania ...just a question : what bullshit is this???<br />
this SCi-Fi story is about a man who's so afraid to lose a big amount of money ( i suppose that you made this fortune legally :))) because of his stupid wife .A smart man like you came in my country and picked from thousands of girls ..this ***** . ....made 2 kids with her and after 5 years he realized that is too much ..<br />
when you marry someone, you already see that person next to you in 10,15, 100 years from now on ,you love her and the most important thing you can rely each other ...<br />
btw : i didn't choose to be born in Rom , but i'm proud of me as human being ..so you the ones who underestimate a person without knowing here go **** your self ..i'm smart , nice and beautiful and i traveled a lot in this world so i know what i'm saying ..PEACE !!!

well, she's acting like that because she's insecure, her "emotional" needs are not beeing fulfilled, she's afraid, she's weak, she probably has little revenue, she's unsatisfied profesionally, etc. <br />
<br />
you could... try to help her fix all those things. start by putting her into some kind of job training, helping her find a job. it is difficult and maybe she just doesn;t have what it takes to work hard, be nice & loving, etc. In this case - you should definetely let her go, but try that first. <br />
<br />
maybe she is just a pretty face. is that enough for you?<br />
<br />
try to sell the properties maybe tell her you have a great idea, invest in a business or something like that, maybe sell only one or two, so she doesn't get suspicios, be very very nice and emotional with her for 6 months - 1 year (she will NOT see through this if you keep it long enough), act/be happy together, after 4 months, tell her about the business "idea" and how you'll become rich together, etc., sell the properties, dump her, cut some losses.

hey be nice to her, and convince her that you want to sell the property which is there on her and her sister's name, after collecting the money.......divorce her....these kind of women never change man.....


Dump the *****! Property is nothing, you can always start again. Life's way too short to get it spoiled because you would loose too much. You don't have kids (I hope), so it's time to dump her. Check with a lawyer, maybe you can get something back if you can prove you made or are making the payments on her properties. In any case, freedom is priceless!

i hate to say it but ............ just ask ANY AMERICaN FEMALE, WE WOULD OF TOLD YOU ... STAY AWAY FROM THIRD WORLD TYPS ...........

Forget about the money. Forget about the lands,houses. you're still young. <br />
If you wan't to find yourself suffring all your life fo 500K $ - then don't divcorse<br />
me , if i ware you, i would say - the hell with the money, you'll make much more.<br />
Send her on the first flight to Romania.

I am also and Eastern-European girl and I am not happy for you guys to clock all Eastern-Europeans as money-hoarding monsters. This man made a mistake by marrying the wrong kind of chick and has only himself to blame. Why on earth did he put any property in her name??? <br />
<br />
I work hard as a doctor in UK, just like my (Brithish) husband and I did not get married to get rich. So please do not think all the ladies from Eastern Europe are like the one described here.

Not all of us do stereotype......you go by the crudentials a person has and their personal character you sound like a nice lady.....unfortuantely there are those gold digger types and of course they come from all places..

I am also and Eastern-European girl and I am not happy for you guys to clock all Eastern-Europeans as money-hoarding monsters. This man made a mistake by marrying the wrong kind of chick and has only himself to blame. Why on earth did he put any property in her name??? <br />
<br />
I work hard as a doctor in UK, just like my (Brithish) husband and I did not get married to get rich. So please do not think all the ladies from Eastern Europe are like the one described here.

I am also and Eastern-European girl and I am not happy for you guys to clock all Eastern-Europeans as money-hoarding monsters. This man made a mistake by marrying the wrong kind of chick and has only himself to blame. Why on earth did he put any property in her name??? <br />
<br />
I work hard as a doctor in UK, just like my (Brithish) husband and I did not get married to get rich. So please do not think all the ladies from Eastern Europe are like the one described here.

Yeah and I thought when the local ladies flirted with me overseas it was because I was handsome. Nope i was white, heaven forbid if they found out I was American too. <br />
<br />
CASH COW!<br />
<br />
Been there too. Had to walk out of a resturant carrying my luggage and hail a cab to get away from one. She found my hotel anyway in a large city ! Stalked me . <br />
<br />
( no I didnt sleep with her or promise her a thing )

I wonder how about board this forum is. I don't trust anything on the internet. It sounds like you are just venting. Try a marriage counselor or a church counselor. If that doesn't work, then you tried. Unfortunately, these things have to get worse to get better. My guess is everyone who has replied to you is divorced except me. Not sure. Thanks for sharing. Now, go to an adult learning center and meet some people. To me, the best way to get away is with a new woman, go look.

You hate her now, imagine her at 4o! In ten years this could be a lesson learned or your life.

Its sad that you are wasting your time with a selfish person. She should grant you a divorce and move back to her mothers, since shes constantly talking to her on the phone. They might be using you to bring the rest of their family to the U.S. By the sound of things I personally think you deserve someone better! Life is really too short to be in an unhappy situation as you have described. But, if you have children then it becomes difficult, dont want to hurt the children.

I agree with some people. I don't think that you should worry about what you're losing, but what you would be gaining. Aside from freedom as some put it, but your dignity. You should NEVER let a woman make you feel like that. She only has as much power as you give her. I'm sure a lawyer would be able to give you the best advice as far as your property, but the way I see it, let her keep it. She can use her hoarded money to keep it up after your gone. There are women out there, hard to find or not, that will you treat you like the man you are. Not like dirt under her feet. She can go back to Romania if she doesn't like it. We only have a certain amount of time to live, and that should be spent bettering ourselves, and being loved for who we are, not the money in our pockets. For someone who lived in a country like that, should understand money isn't everything. Yeah, it can buy you alot of things, but hell when you die, someone who didn't work as you to obtain it gets it cheaper. Don't even tell her your leaving til you're gone. She deserves nothing. I know its hard, and things are easier said than done, but if you really just stepped backed and looked at what you could gain, I'm sure that will be plenty of motivation. Good luck to you.

move on and choose someone who connects with ur star sign. I bet ur a bad match if u dont understand oneanother.

If there are no kids...cut your losses and move on...she's just not that into you

Eh mate, don't stress, you know what you gotta do... leave... the sooner you do it, the sooner you'll recover from it. I walked out on my ex, left behind $250,000 in equity on our house plus a heap of other stuff.... yes it's a lot of money and yes i probably should've fought for it, but regardless leaving that ***** was the smartest thing I ever did. I've since grown up a bit and now realise that money doesn't mean squat, all that matter is health and happiness, as long as you have some dollars to keep them covered, you'll be fine.

dude are you nuts or what i have lost alot over women and i don,t care what is money compared to a perons piece of mind your wife sounds like a major ***** suck it up dont be a *****. walk away and you will be happy trust me i have done this more than once and i have lost at least 100 thousand dollars and i dont care money comes and goes once you lose your mind you probably will never be the same again.

I only wish I had a partner that would have married me along time ago and provide for us. I would be so loving, respectfull and gratefull to some who sounds like you. Yet I cant talk I dont have the courage to leave my partner and he has nothing to offer us bar himself that even that is an effort for him. I know something will end it eventually. Set yourself free and find someone who will love you for you not what you have. Money is nothing if your not happy. I hopr I find the courage too.

Wisdom: All women are "different" until the ring is on.<br />
<br />
All women want the same thing - unconditional love.<br />
<br />
Definition of unconditional love - love ME no matter what crap I'm going to put you through.<br />
<br />
For better or worse (when delivered by a woman) - you're stuck with ME and I don't have to do ANYthing to EARN it. <br />
<br />
Sorry that you had to find out the Hell that is marriage for the same reason most men do - ignorance and hormones.<br />
<br />
The only men that don't feel your pain are in the 1 percentile or liars (to themselves or others).<br />
<br />
Best of luck on regaining your freedom. All us married men cheer inside when another one us of wakes up and frees themselves.

I have a similar problem...<br />
Is there a way to convey my complaints to her... Like why is she always on the phone with her mom and her sister can come to my house anytime she wants while I had to send my parents away because of her...<br />
<br />
Women are *******... My wife is biggest of all...

I know exactly how you guys feel. I met a 18 year old girl from the Detroit ghetto and let her trick me into a marriage. We used to work together at a marketing company,and when I first met her she was full of lies. Claimed she had been left by her parents and was in foster care all of her life. She then told me a crazy story about being kicked out of the girls shelter that she was staying out. The next thing I know she tricked me in to getting an apartment. Worse mistake of my life !! She has clung to me for five years, refusing to work for more than three months at a time. To make matters worse, she likes to start physical fights and then if I try to hold her down or tackle her to the ground she threatens to call 911. We have now lost just about everything and due to her destroying things we have gotten kicked out of every place and every famliy member of mine's home. I want out because I can't take it anymore. Any advice would be a appreciated.

I feel your pain..My wife was very selfish when my mother died too..and did not help me get through that at all...<br />
you have money tied up with your wife.I have 2 kids with mine.<br />
I want to leave too but she is not the best mother and I am afraid she will not raise the kids well..God forbid they turn out like her...<br />
thanks for your story

here is my opinion. Just get out of the relationship and move on with your life. Dont waste your life in a bad relationship<br />
<br />
If you had kids it would be different.

Dump her ignorant, immigrant chain smoking ***. my mom passed in 2000 and my wife was insensitive about it and I'm working on getting out. It doesn't matter, my mom's name is sacred to me.... no-one family or friend can disrespect my mother.

dhayes open your eyes.... Why don't you notice that the 60+ year old men that are marrying those young women deserve their fate for being such PERVES. Geez if your in a poor country and the only thing you can do is put yourself in a loveless OLDMAN relationship how can you be blamed? Your doing things for your family - he's doing its cuz he's a PERVE!

Mmmm... As I"m a lawyer its always so surprising for me to hear such stories. I thought that US is the country where people know their rights and are always ready to protect them. Sorry for your problem. I work in court so see these strange relationships every day. People seem to be the happiest couples in the world... And then begin to destroy each other through mental, financial, phisical way. I never understood why people do this... but l will remember that people are capable of everything! I know that common people cant understand all law nuances, but you always can ask for help a professional lawyer(better to prevent then solve problems). Only in court I really feel how useful is my education!<br />
May be I"m not ob<x>jective, but I think that thoughts about "2nd world/3rd world women" are stereotypes, such as "all Americans are plump" or "all Russians drink much"- its ridiculous!! All people are different! It doesnt matter where you live. In every country there are kind and mean people, selfish and careful, intelligent and using others... Dont even try to convince me that in US all women are angels ;)<br />
By the way, I"m Eastern-European girl and I cant imagine my life without job, want to improve myself and earn money(myself too!). And I dont want to marrie foreigner course I want to be able to share all my thoughts and feelings with husband, so we should have the same mentality... Marriage is not the only way to remove in higher developed country. A girl can use her brain instead of using her *****(you know)<br />
Wish you success!!!!

Silly you and the guys like you. You hurt all of us by doing that. You spoil women and we all pay for it. Romanian or Swedish they are all THE SAME. Of course they only want the money from you. They hate men. They love money.<br />
<br />
You have to fgo directly to a lawyer who is specialized in divorce and make a plan. Try by any means to prepare your divorce in detail and NEVER GIVE UP. Stay there, don't leave. You are at war now and don't be a chicken. Ask a good lawyer how to put your properties under your name by any excuse. All your belongings. Try to save as much as possible. And once everything is ready, then divorce as adviced by your lawyer so that she will have less chances of winning.<br />
<br />
Millions of men are losing everything for things like this. How can you possibly still believe in love and fall in their webs? They only want YOUR MONEY.

First, you're luck that at less than 30 you've half a mil to loose. Second, move the property to a land trust. Tell the b that it is for tax reasons and it will make/save her lots of money a year. Make YOUR atty the trustee. Hopefully he is in the same practice that will represent you in the divorce. Third, file for the big D. Send her packing to Romania. Fourth, get a f'n pre-nup next time.<br />
<br />
Better yet forget remarriage. Half a million will pay for a lot of "professional talent." And they leave when you say so!

FIrst, transfer everything back into your name. Your selling it, the economy is terible, whatever excuse you can come up with. File for divorce. Send her *** back to Europe. Maybe she can take my wife with her.

Wow this a bad situation to be in and I really feel for you. Take it from me you are young and can start over Im older but im starting over also I dont have the material things I had in my married life but I wouldnt trade the life I have now for nothing.These guys have some good advice for you take it into consideration.I hope things work out for you but please dont waste your life away on somone who does not appreciate you.

Wow man, get the **** out of this marriage, no matter how much it costs you. GoldenDesert has some good advice, convince her, that the properties in the US are cheap now, and you want to sell the ones in Romania, because they are overpriced. Than you will only loose the half of it. But hey, you are 29, with qarter of a million, you will have a great start in a new life. Just think if you have had children, than you would have been screwd. As long as you do not have them, get the *** out of this ****, before she gets pregnant by accident. And before you get married next time, make sure your wife's parents are ok and wealthy. That way you will be sure she does not marry you for your money. But I wouldn't get merried If I had the second chance.

Whoa! I hate to say I love this ****! I thought I was the last sucker on earth. Even though my sit is not as horrible, I feel your pain. Now I see why all my friends only bang chicks but never marry them.

well i also have rotten marriage but i have three kids. We are more business partners than a marriage. Our only discussions are about kids and no more. I figure i rather wake up and deal with her and be able to see my kids everyday nothing could be worse than not seeing them. I would give up all my money to be able not to be with her.

tell her that you wanna sell the lands and the house to get something better for both of you then travel away from Problems and look for another girl who could give you the realest level of manhood , I'm not disrespecting you HELL NO but i feel you badly man<br />
,,,from the began of your relationship you suppose not to acquiescing to all of her requests as a man who can control his property,,,,, I stayed one year with my wife before I decide to get married from her !!!<br />
no sex no nothing only kissing ;) cuz I hade to discover her brain and and her ability as a future wife like ma father did and now my mom has all of his Propertys for 15 years with no Problems ( thank god for that ) and now I'm following his footsteps too<br />
I hope you still OK with her try to talk with her in romantic invitation Prove to her love and the things that you really liked in her Personality and tell her about the things that you don't like in her she might change her self and if she still !! then leave her before you lose all your other Propertys

This is the lesson. Never, Never marry anyone who was not born here and does not have english as a first language. This is from someone with 31 years married to an ignorant *****. 60% of our problems over the years have come from her limited understanding of English. The Other 40% are just because she is naturally stupid and nasty.

This is the lesson. Never, Never marry anyone who was not born here and does not have english as a first language. This is from someone with 31 years married to an ignorant *****. 60% of our problems over the years have come from her limited understanding of English. The Other 40% are just because she is naturally stupid and nasty.

damn bro, my old lady and your old lady should go bowling

Money Cant buy you LOVE

Dude - I know from personal experience what you are going through. Suck it up, be a man and get a divorce. Better to lose $ 2MM than live another day like that. What are you waiting for? To come home and find her under another man? To see how far she will push you until you crack and give her what she wants - which is a divorce? Lay the ground work now - be careful - act nice - start protecting yourself. Save a little cash on the side and use that to hire a lawyer to start acting quietly to protect yourself. Ask trusted attorney friends "Who would be an absolute nightmare if my wife hired them to be her divorce attorney?" Then contact that attorney(s) get an initial consultation (and pay cash for the hour) and keep records of the meeting. When divorce time comes your wife cannot hire that attorney - conflicted out. Or you could do nothing - vent now and then on this blog - and maybe have your wife's boyfriend in Romania kill you in an "accident" next time you visit that sh*thole of a country.

dude..wtf is wrong wit u *****..why cant u speak in a normal tongue..too straight for u ya ****** idiot

Seriously I'd drop the gal and let immigration take her back home. Being in the military and knowing lots of vets who marry overseas I see this happen all the time. These 2nd world/3rd world women will play you for every penny and will do anything to escape their horrible lives. Yes I'm sad to see them suffer over there. I wish I could help them have a better life but I wouldn't dare marry one for one sided love when they are in it just to get citizenship. They won't respect you and they won't show you any love they have no intentions of staying married. They will play the game and have kids they will sometimes work to make you "need" them. Then they want you to send money back home and to bring their family here. After they get the citizenship they will quit the game and start being hateful and then they will then be nothing but a burden to all the other hard working tax paying Americans. I have seen this numerous times and it rarely works out well in the long run.

whats a gal..A warning for strong wind..maybe,,or is impact an idiot.lol

Dude, you're selling your soul. Get out. Screw the half million. Is it worth it? If so, you're prostituting yourself. Not that I have a problem with that, but let's just call a spade a spade. If you're going to sell out, shut up. If that offends you, then maybe you're worth saving, but there's a cost... half a million. What's the price of your freedom?<br />
<br />
Granted, I talk a bigger game than I play! I'm an idiot myself.

Get some soul into the arguement..*******

I hate to make such a harsh point but. Screw the loss; money can be made over again. Go bankrupt on purpose, and before you know it she will file for divorce.. Give all the assets that are in your name to a trusted friend and start fresh, Job, Money and all. That's how us poor people do it and that's why we are happier. :D The whole throw your money away first thing is so she can’t collect alimony on your Butt :D

Ren ..ur an ***

How sad to waste your time and energy in such an unhappy situation.

I feel your pain :(

I feel ur pain..wtf..

reading these stories . . . man, I think we've got no one but oursleves to blame. Obviously THEY have something we want, we tell ourselves getting THAT makes everything with them worth-while. Sometimes we learn in a few months how WRONG a thought pattern that is . . . sometimes, like me, it takes YEARS.<br />
<br />
From what I've seen with these Eastern - European/third world women . . . .they've heard American men are flithy wealthy. How could we ever assume they're being straight-forward with us knowing the life they'd have IF we DON't marry them and take them home!!!<br />
<br />
Sheskillingme - hey, you know, there's always lung cancer (if your cigarette assessment isn't an exaggeration)

I don't know if you've resolved your problem, but I have a similar but not so extreme experience. My current wife is also from a poor nation. We agreed that when she came to the US that she would help me with paying off things and, in turn, I would help her. When she found a job she began to horde her money while I was paying for everything...and mind you, those immigration fees arent' exactly cheap. Anyway, what was mine was hers and what was hers was hers...This is now a major problem in our relationship. I'm now to the point to where I'll stay with her until she gets her citizenship and afterward I'm gone. <br />
If I look back my fatal error was flaunting my U.S. money. HUGE MISTAKE. They suddenly think they are entitled to everything they see in the mall. Look, my advice is the same as 2kind. Get a lawyer. Count your loses and don't repeat the same mistake again. The longer you wait, the more it's going to cost you. You need to start protecting yourself today and you need to throw the first punch as far a the legal system is concerned. Don't fall prey to her female wiles...just think of that ashtray breath and it'll be easier.

Alot of breathers on this site..dont u think..mother fker

Uh - wow ... why would you put any property in her name only? As well as her sister? I'm sorry it's going to cost you so much to learn one of many life's lessons. Seriously though loose the ***** she sounds like a gold digger anyways. Your first clue should have been her not caring about your mom. Do you have any close friends that are girls... They can help you spot a money hungry hoe a mile away.<br />
<br />

We all bring mom into the equation..she too is a ******* menice

please disregard the last comment obviously there's some estrogen on the site,now talk with a lawyer and see if you were to divorce where would that lead you, as you can read on this site a lot not all women change for the worse after marraige,once they hook you theirs no need to please you.Most women want a man to take care of them when they find out how hard real work is.Anyway good luck watch her women are sneeky.

You must be the stupidiest **** of all time..Get a life..a new one ..u ******* moran