She Never Ceases To Amaze

My marriage makes me so terribly sad. I'm a happy person naturally but my wife always finds ways to make me sad. I could probably write for hours and hours about the mean and selfish things she does. Yesterday our company let go of aout half of the employees. I was spared but it was an awful experience. People were crying, despondent, angry...a whole range of emotions. It was draining for everyone. I knew going into the day that I likely had a job but nothing was certain. And, of course, I tried to share my feelings with my wife, perhaps the most selfish person I have ever known. Today she goes to the city, gets pampered, comes back and goes out with her girlfriends. When she gets back, she talks about how nice her friend's house is and that we should hold a cocktail party. It struck me as so insensitive. She never thinks about her actions or words - I don't think she understands anything about how she comes off. She's in public relations, and I guess she can't switch off the story telling or posturing, even with her own family. She really makes me sick. I wonder if this story doesn't seem like a big deal, but this kind of thing is constant. Give me this, give me that, I need this...she has no decency.
jakemano jakemano
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1 Response Feb 11, 2011

my ex was just like that. she would always find ways 2 get under my skin and make all my interests seem like they were dumb and took time away from her. anything i liked, she would say that its stupid. we argued alot and she blamed ME for it all. sumtimes it was my fault i admit but it was mostly her. then i wasnt aloud 2 have friends that were girls and it turned out she cheated on me. but i digress, if life seems jolly rotten, theres sumting uv 4gotten, and thats 2 laugh and smile and dance and sing :)