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She says she cares about our finances, but spends without care. She says she likes sex, but she never seems to want it, there's always an excuse, usually she's sick or tired. She's definitely a hypochondriac, there's always something wrong with her health...amazing she's still around given what she's had. We live very nicely in a tony town, but nothing is good enough. She nudges, she nags, she's always right. She cares more about her parents - and spends incredible amounts of time focused on them - than her husband and son, which really doesn't make for a happy family. I am lonely. I am so lonely. There's nothing to say to her, we are on completely different wavelengths. It's draining. But every morning I wake up in a good mood, looking for a good day. If she isn't screaming at the top of her lungs because she is disturbed in some way by our young son, then it's rare. I am a very good person but I am suffering, and it sometimes causes me to lose my temper - I end up barking and saying nasty things. But I'm no robot. I have feelings, deep feelings, somehow hoping that someday I'll find someone with whom I can share those feelings, share our lives in a positive way...enjoy one another, be positive, work together, be happy.
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Divorce is definitely an option - especially since there is but one child between you.<br />
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Seriously, the work that it takes to fix a relationship that has shifted so far into her control is very hard. And you will never be happy until the power is shifted into your hands. I have explained much of this in my stories in this group. I even talked about the wife's complaining as being one of the things used to dominate the husband.<br />
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Just get out. There are women who are less dominant than this one, and you will be well pleased to be with one who is already thinking the right way. Following my advice, you will also be able to stay dominant and keep her from reaching the point your current wife is at.<br />
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On the other hand, if you really want to tip the balance in your current relationship, read my stories and steel yourself for the work that comes.

Divorce her, son. Divorce her.

women are born liars and disconnected from reality. What they say means 0; what they do means everything.

You're going through a nightmare. Call it quits. Divorce. There's no valid reason to stay in that situation. Move on, rebuild your life, look for a new partner if you feel like it. Dont submit your son to more of this.