My Wife Is Nuts

I don't know what to do. She never misses me. She only needs to check up on me and then she doesn't care if I'm alive or dead. She's insane about everyhting that needs to be accomplished and never stops bitching about anything. Sex without heartache stopped the day we got married. I asked her to change her name to mine because it was important to me and she refused. She lied to me about have changed her name in her previous marriage until the 5 minutes before our ceremony. We are about to buy a house and that's all she cares about.
P.S. We had sex the day before her last period and she refuses to take the morning after pill and says it's too late....24hrs ago.....Our relationship is pretty much a roomate situation and have a mentioned we've only been married for 3/4's a year? I cringe at the thought of being around her and wish she'd never come home. The thought of having a kid with her makes me want to jump off a cliff.

*Update* We talked about the name change last night and she says she never wants to change it and never wanted to change it but she is willing to hyphenate it for me. Also she told me she's willing to get a divorce after a kid so the kid doesn't ruin my
The reason I haven't left is because she keeps mind ****in me......she says if you're not happy we can get a divorce, you can leave if you want, in a civil manner. It's like we're associates at a job. Not a care in the world if I stay or go.
I have been abstaining from having sex with her- It's just hard not to after 3 months without for a guy that's 24.

*Update* She had started acting retarded and mean last saturday so I left the house waitning for her to come to her senses.....came home at 11:30 slept in a different up at 7:30 left and by 8:30 she was harassing me on my phone so I turned it off and eventually came home at 6:30 pm....she came to her senses and was sorry for treating me that way telling me she didnt want me to see her cry so she acted retarded to get me outta the house.
Yesterday she told me she was ready to call her friends and family to tell them we were separating. Her reason for separating is that I do nothing around the house. To an extent, that is true. She just always jumps the gun on anything that needs to be accomplished- and expects me to drop everything I'm doing to do laundry (for example) at 10:30 on a wednesday night....Sunday is laundry day. So yes she does do more. It is not my fault she  is irratic about how she does things and I am willing to help her....what gets me is that she is thinking about ending a marriage over such futile bullshit. All the crap I put up with her and she wants to leave because I won't change for her and her expectations are impossibly high.
She told me if I wanted out I could leave. So I am getting a postnump, buying MY house, and just not putting any effort into the relationship anymore. She'll pay me rent for living there and if she gets tired of my **** she can leave and I can just find someone better to live with me in my house.
Problem solved.

P.S. She says that there is no reason to stay in the relationship because I have nothing to offer her. I make $55k a year and have free college and own a brand new car and have no debts, and was prior military with VA benefits. She's a civilian with $17k worth of debt. Same pay. What don't I offer?
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Just leave and let her be..damn. I don't understand why men chase after women like this and expect everyone to side with you :/ she's a b*tch and has tons of debt. You can do way better

Love is never that easy to separate from. I believe, the harder something is to polish and shine to a sheen, the more worthwhile and better it will turn out.
We have our issues and are constantly working on them.

Of course then you know there is the marriage vows you both took. For richer or poorer sickness and health til death do you part...(Of course they shgould of added through the bitchiness and bitter fights, through heartache and pain) Think about your marriage....You both most of loved something about each other otherwise you wouldn't have gotten married!<br />
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Try counseling it's uncomfortable at first and you fight alot but after a while it sinks in

I really wanted to keep my maiden name but my husband was deeply offended (But my name was my identity) I wanted to at least keep it in and hyphen it or something but he got really pissed so I took his name....<br />
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If you want out of the relationship then get out but normally everything you own house, car, money etc is on the line...if you have a kid she can nail your *** for child support. And as for having a kid The kid is the blessing unto itself. I recently had a son and even though I think his father is a mistake (sometimes) I look at him and know that all the heartache was worth it.

Great work recognizing bullsh*t and getting out of a bad situation. It's time to divorce this one before she starts rubbing off on you and changing you in ways you'll regret. Don't give into their ways, man.<br />
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Internet brofist.

Just like a woman, blame the closest man for her problems. She says its your fault because you don't do anything around the house. He efing stupid. Irattionaly hige expectations, hmm sounds like every woman I know including my own wife. "My husband will be tall, good looking, funny, caring, have a good job, buy me what I want, and be a great father. In return I will withhold sex, ***** at him for working late, then ***** at him for not making enough money. Deal, deal sounds good to me."<br />
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You played this one right. You dissapared for two days straight and she got a clue. She is not prepared to change so she gave you your out, but blamed you in the process. Next time she blames you call her wierd and say you are never going to stay married to be in a meaningful relationship aciting so wierd. It will mind f&^K her for the rest of her life which is what she is trying to do to you.

Start mind f-ing her. Start playing the victim. Tell her you suffer from depression and you need her now more than ever. You don't care about sex just don't leave me. You would die if she left. Work late all the time, all the time. Then stash away money, get her off all you accounts. If she asks why, say you are scared, upset, depressed, and yell "WHY ARE YOU TREATING ME LIKE THIS, WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MARRIED?" After you have separated you lives as much as possible on paper, start drinking all the time. Use the depression as an excuse. Whenever she comes down on you call her wierd, women don't like to be called wierd. "That's wierd, wifes are supposed to be more supportive." Then have stints of irrational self-confidence. This will drive her crazy. Set you cell phone alarm to go off at random times with random ring tones as if someone is calling you. She will go through you calls and texts, and NOTHING will be there. She will be up on a bridge in no time.<br />
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I doubt she is pregnant, but it would be a good idea to find out. Don't have sex with her, but have sex with othe women (use a condom) all women are the same.

Demand that she take a pregnancy test just to ease your mind about weather or not she is pregnant. If she is not pregnant GET THE HELL OUT NOW! Otherwise you are setting yourself up for a long life of misery.

Dude do whatever you can to not have a kid with her. Trust me she will use the kid to even more manipulate and control the relationship.

What a *****, sort it out mate thats so wrong. Go dirt track, avoiding the kid situation see how see likes that lol.

It sounds awful, why havent you left already? Why dont you use protection if you dont want a child with her? why are you having sex at all?!!!? You have to wise up on some of your choices also until you leave, because if shes so awful you dont want her getting pregnant and having to deal with her for the rest of your life that way. Good luck, get out if you have no other options.

leave her now! if she won't take your last name, she views you as a *****. I don't have sex with her anymore, and work on getting a divorce. The longer you take to leave, the worse it will be when you do, She'll get more of your money, drag you through more bullshit. Don't let it make a year