She Took Her From Me

A very long time ago, there was a girl I was blessed to be involved with as a mentor. I watched her develope, and was, as I assume, not a perfect mentor, but never stopped advising and helping. Over the years as I watched her grow and become a person able to make her own choices, I made many sacrifices for her just to be able to be as happy as I could make her in the small way I was able to. She loved me and saw me as a father figure in many ways, as hers was far away, in many ways.
Over the years I have been so pleased with her growth and developement and have never stopped loving her but to my dismay, there have been people in close proximity to her that have sown lots of dispariging seeds and misrepresented me in the lowest possible way so that she has been allowed to formulate the lowest of opinions about my character. This has destroyed our relationship and ended any hope of even knowing her as anything close to a friend or mentor. She now proclaims her undying hatred of me with every fiber of her being.
This is exceptionally difficult to deal with as I am forced to, in our tiny community, see her almost daily and see her raw seething hatred, and no amount of trying to talk to her about the lies that were fed to her will help. I pray the tension can be leveled in some way. May the God that made her, manipulate her surroundings to illuminate the truth of who I truly am in a way commensurate with His will and to His ultimate glory.
If you would, stop, after reading this, and pray. Pray for all those seperated from their loved ones that can't be near them to effect their lives in a positive way. God can change ALL circumstances! Every one!
saltyjet saltyjet
41-45, M
Apr 18, 2011